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Dr Hilary Jones Supports Safe Non-Surgical Treatments

Dr Hilary Jones has added his voice to those calling for greater regulation of the non-surgical treatments industry. 

Commenting recently in a feature in the Daily Mail, he said:

“The non-surgical treatments industry is growing fast and it is vital that as it does so, the health of those undergoing treatments isn’t put at risk.”

“There are far too many places in this country where people can be injected with dermal fillers by individuals with minimal or no training in completely unsuitable environments, with potentially dangerous products.”

It seems certain that the regulations and guidelines governing the industry will change soon, but this is never a quick process.

However, reputable training schools and centres are now available.

BOTOX® and Fillers Training Manchester

SkinViva Training Ltd opened its prestigious Botox and Fillers Training School in central Manchester in 2013, where they offer a range of professional training courses for cosmetic and medical skin treatments.

Their courses are directed at suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures and options are available from a foundation/introduction entry level through to to advanced skills.

SkinViva Training was established by by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP. The SkinViva Training team upholds high standards of clinical training providing a combination of fully-supervised practical experience together with essential theory.

For further information, to discuss which course is right for you, to enquire about availability or to book a training course please call 0161 850 2491, or email info@skinvivatraining.com.

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