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5 Things to Tempt an NHS GP into Medical Aesthetics

This question comes up a lot on GP forums.  

For doctors working 8 or 10 sessions, the grind and pressure of an NHS GP practice inevitably makes you wonder what else could I do in your working week for a bit of variety… and dare I say a bit of a break!?

By Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP

If you are interested in a very different way of spending some of your sessions, starting or joining medical aesthetics business by learning how to do botox and dermal fillers could be exactly what you are looking for.

The SkinViva Team is actually comprised of 5 GPs (all still practicing in the NHS) and although the pay is excellent, they all primarily got into the specialty for non-financial reasons.   Here are a few for you to think about:

1.  It’s not time pressured

In your own business, or any business wanting to provide a quality service, the time you have to deal with patients is much more than what you will be use to as an NHS GP.

The conversations about weather that make you late in the NHS you have time to actually enjoy in aesthetics.  Indeed if like most GPs you are actually interested in people, you will find it’s easier to indulge this interest doing aesthetics!

2.  It’s hands on

If you like to get up from your desk and enjoy procedures, aesthetics might be perfect for you. My favorite activity is a full non-surgical face lift with some nice music on in the back ground.  You can lose yourself in flow for 2 hours and emerge feeling relaxed and satisfied when you have got a great result.

3.  It still uses your key skill- the ability to do a good consultation

In fact, I still think the consultation is the most important skill we use as aesthetic doctors or nurses.  Really understanding your clients view point, and explaining in a way they fully understand the rational and expected outcome of a treatment is fundamental to client satisfaction.

4. You have real influence over your working life

One of the biggest frustrations of NHS GP work is the inability to really affect change.

In your own business, or even in a business belonging to someone else, you are almost certainly going to have a far greater capability to change how things are done than you will in the NHS. This sense of progress and power as it develops can be rather addictive.  There are few things more satisfying than seeing your ideas implemented successfully and quickly.

5. You make people happy

This happens in GP work too, but it’s an hourly occurrence in medical aesthetics.  It’s probably one of the main reasons that aesthetics feels more pleasant on a minute to minute basis than just about any GP surgery.  The truth is we are not dealing with illness, we are helping people make the most of themselves, and it’s therefore emotionally a happier environment to be in.

NB:  I am still a practicing NHS GP with no plans to give it up!  It has many rewards that aesthetics does not, I love general practice, but more so because I only do a few sessions a week.

This article is aimed at those wanting a bit of variation in their working week, and not in anyway to diminish general practice.

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