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How to Retain Aesthetic Customers, Botox and Fillers

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of running a botox and dermal filler clinic.  It’s an often overlooked part of the business, because we are naturally distracted by trying to get new clients, something you have to focus on entirely in the early days.

By Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP

It’s worth remembering that a new client takes the most amount of time (and money) to find.  Even a word of mouth referral takes effort on your behalf with your existing clients and social network.

An existing client is probably therefore the lowest cost and lowest effort way to generate income.  

One of the reasons medical aesthetics is such a good business is because it fundamentally is about repeat treatments.  Most treatments need maintenance, and as time goes by people will want to try other treatments to stave off the signs of aging.

The question is, what can you do to make sure people come back to you for a treatment?

Tips for Retaining your Customers

Make sure they have your details

This is very basic, but make sure people have your contact details.  A business card or leaflet, or text them your details because in 6 months time your name could well have slipped from their memory forever.

Answer your phone promptly, every time.

People won’t ring you five times to try and make an appointment. You probably have three chances with a repeat client to answer the phone and book them in before they start to look around for a more accessible provider.

Be proactive

Botox and dermal fillers last for a predictable amount of time.  Phone, text or email your clients reminders as to when they are due.  Make sure it’s done as a service rather than a sales drive, the most successful business tactics are those that really are valuable to the customer.

Increase incentives

Why not offer a discount for their next treatment at the time of having the first treatment?  It need not be of huge value, but anything that psychologically makes them imagine you doing the treatment again is helpful.  A small discount, a free moisturizer, all will have an impact on repeat custom.

Connect with your clients

The easiest and most genuine way to earn repeat custom is be bonding with your client.

You can’t fake this however, people are VERY sensitive to faked interest or care.  Try and really throw yourself into getting to know your clients, and sharing in their lives.  It is my view that one of the greatest pleasures in medical aesthetics is getting to know so many people so well.  Sadly, I know my aesthetic patients better than my NHS patients, because there is so much more time available.  There are very few jobs that allow two strangers to talk in private for such long periods, and I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing some truly incredible life experiences from my clients.

Here is the really fantastic thing about being genuinely interested in your clients as people- when you finish a consultation feeling like you have really got to know someone, they inevitably feel that same bond with you.  So long as the quality of your treatment matches their expectations, they will probably become loyal clients for years, and the best thing is your will genuinely enjoy spending time with them too.

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