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Encouraging Finding For Impending Necrosis

By Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP

botox newsA Very Encouraging Study If You Ever Face Impending Necrosis.

I have often wondered about the use of hyalase in cases of impending necrosis due to arterial embolisation- will hyalase help if there is filler inside an artery, when the chances of direct injection are 1 in 15 000?   I have twice had to use hyalase in anger- both times on lip training courses.   On both occasions blood supply was fully restored in about 40 minutes.

Did the filler succomb to my firm massaging, or was it the effect of hyalase?

Well,  Dr DeLorenzi asked the same question, and experimented with segments of cadaveric facial artery and hyalase.  He looked at levels of degradation in arteries surrounded by hyalase, and those that were not, and checked  for degradation at 4 and 24hrs.  Interestingly, he did prove that hyalase can cross the arterial wall,  backing up anecdotal experience that this is an effective means of restoring blood supply to threatened areas from embolus, and not just pressure effect.

If you have trained with us, you will already be clear on the importance of knowing how to avoid and manage this problem, this paper will give you hope if you ever do face this complication.

As always, be prepared, have a rescue kit and know how to use it.

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