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Minimum Practitioner Training Qualifications Expected for 2015

botox newsThe Department of Health has been working for some time to regulate the UK’s cosmetic surgery industry. the last few years have seen a series of investigations, reports and recommendations. Currently, there are surprisingly few regulations to protect patients in ‘non-surgical’ procedures such as cosmetic injections. 

Botox requires a prescription, but can be administered by anybody, while dermal fillers don’t even require a prescription.

However, moves are advancing to better control the industry, making it safer for the many patients who wish to improve their appearance using the latest aesthetic treatments.

A survey from the USA has shown that cosmetic treatments in the right hands are quite safe. The study looked at procedures carried out by qualified, competent dermatologists and found very few complications of which none at all were classed as serious.

By comparison, a UK survey by the British Association of Dermatologists last year found that 58% had seen patients with complications after undergoing non-surgical procedures, of which most were as a result of dermal filler injections. 62% per cent of those questioned said these complications had been serious such as pigmentation, swelling, bruising or lumps.

The contrast between results from trained professionals and those experienced in an unregulated market further underlines the need for regulation of the non-surgical treatments industry.

Speaking to BBC News, Dr Dan Poulter said:

“New training standards for non-surgical cosmetic procedures are now being developed to ensure no one is given fillers or Botox by someone who isn’t qualified.”

These standards are expected to come into force during 2015.

Deputy president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Nigel Mercer added:

“It is only safe if you have the necessary training.”

Cosmetic Treatments Training

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