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SkinViva Trainee Network – How It Can Help

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New members of the SkinViva Training Network closed group on Facebook are usually very pleasantly surprised to find just how useful, supportive and active this forum is for getting quick answers to their queries from other practitioners.

This is a safe forum where delegates can share their experiences and ideas, raise any queries among fellow practitioners and also give feedback and seek advice.

For an insight, see what type of topic has been recently discussed.

Forum Topics Discussed

Recent questions and posts include:

  • Which is the best product to use for this ladies nasolabial lines Juvederm 3, 4 or another juv product? (posted with photo)
  • Can anyone recommend a good filler brand to use when doing smile lines/smokers lines please?
  • Bocouture verdict – follow up of a practitioner’s first bocouture patient
  • Can anyone recommend anybody who would be willing to be my delegated medical practitioner for 45hrs if I was to do prescribers course!
  • I’ve had a new client cancel on me because she said she’s tried this new Botox cream and it’s worked instantly?? Does anyone know what she’s talking about…
  • Hi Everyone, I will be happy to be a prescriber if anybody needed
  • What’s the name of the nurse prescribers website?
  • Anyone ever used Teosyal Kiss before for lip filler?
  • Can I ask for some tips for generating customers? I am really struggling to keep going and to make it profitable

The Trainee Network has become a very active and useful network for practitioners with all levels of experience to share advice and tips, debate clinical questions (often sharing a patient photo as well for expert opinions to be given), discuss products and clinical practice.

Delegates can also discuss business issues as well as just keeping in contact with and meeting fellow practitioners.

Medical professionals are able to access the Facebook group after completing a botox, dermal filler or lip enhancement courses with SkinViva Training.

Cosmetic Treatments Training

Botox and Fillers Courses, Manchester

SkinViva Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of botox and fillers training courses designed for medical professionals such as suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures.

If you’re interested in pursing a career in medical aesthetics, we welcome the opportunity to chat to you about your plans for training and explaining how we can help you develop in the industry. Call 0161 850 2491 for an informal chat with Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director or email


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