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Botox Consultation by GMC, but not NMC

gmcThe GMC announced this week that they are proposing a series of guidelines for their doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures. 

The GMC are starting a consultation period, where its members (doctors) and the public are welcome to give their views on their proposals to make botox, fillers and the like safer for patients.

Key points of the proposals include:

  • Be open and honest with patients
  • Do not trivialise the risks involved
  • Give patients information and a cooling off period before they decide
  • Ask patients to tell them how they have been affected by a cosmetic procedure, both physically and psychologically, and check whether they are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Do not target under 18’s and take particular care if working with children/young people
  • Seek their patient’s consent in person (i.e. not via a receptionist/sales person/website process)
  • Market their services responsibly – no unrealistic claims about the results
  • No promotional tactics which could encourage people to make ill-considered decisions e.g. procedures as prizes

This news appears to have been well received by the media, as the lack of guidelines and regulations in the sector has been cause for concern in the news over the last few years. The PIP breast implant scandal highlighted the lack of control and subsequent investigations and reports (particularly the 2013 Keogh report) have made strong recommendations for more control in the industry – including surgical and non-surgical procedures.

NMC Guidelines?

Interestingly, the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) are not yet following suit.

When asked on Twitter, they posted the message:

We have no plans at present to issue specific guidance on cosmetic nursing

It remains to be seen what tack they take in the future. However, it does seem clear that the industry is moving towards greater control, which is to the benefit of the patient.

SkinViva Training

At SkinViva Training Academy, we work closely with leading industry bodies and promote high standards for the benefit of patients of those we train.

We only train registered medical professionals i.e. suitably qualified and registered medical professionals and regularly turn away those whose background does not fit the criteria.

However, the aesthetic market is ever-evolving and there is discussion around allowing non-medical people at Level 7 (post-graduate) to be able to carry out procedures in the future for injectables.

It is an exciting market to be involved in, with changes on the horizon.

We will therefore endeavour to keep this website updated with the latest news as it happens.

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