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Survey Shows GP Job Dissatisfaction

doctors gpsA survey has found that GP job dissatisfaction and stress are at their highest levels for a decade.

Over 1 in every 3 GPs expect to quit in 5 years, providing evidence to back up BMA’s warnings of crisis.

The survey by the University of Manchester was the 8th National GP Worklife Survey.

The survey looked at responses from over 2,600 GPs and results showed:

  • lowest levels of job satisfaction since 2001 (before ‘new contracts’ in 2004)
  • highest levels of stress since the start of the survey series in 1998
  • increase in the proportion of GPs intending to quit direct patient care within the next five years to 35%
    • 13% of under-50s
    • 61% of over-50s

Alternative Career for Doctors

As GPs look for alternative ways of using their qualification, many do consider entering the world of cosmetic treatments.

This is a growth market and one which doctors find very rewarding. Administering cosmetic treatments such as botox or dermal fillers is a creative job where doctors can develop aesthetic skills to improve a person’s appearance, boosting their self-confidence. They can see the results straightaway during the consultation to provide the most appropriately designed treatmetns and build up a relationship with each client in future appointments.

Training courses are now available for doctors who wish to develop their aesthetic treatments skills at SkinViva Training, Manchester; with courses from foundation to advanced level. SkinViva training also provide ongoing support through their head office team, website and delegate forum on Facebook.

Cosmetic Treatments Training

Botox and Fillers Courses, Manchester

SkinViva Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of botox and fillers training courses designed for medical professionals such as suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures.

If you’re a medical professional, we welcome the opportunity to chat to you about your plans for training in aesthetics and explaining how we can help you develop in the industry. Call 0161 850 2491 for an informal chat with Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director or email


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