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BAAPS to Offer Cosmetic Surgery Training

baapsThe British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, known as BAAPS has announced that it will start offering training for those who want to operate as cosmetic surgeons.

The association believes that with NHS cutbacks, it is now extremely difficult for a surgeon to gain sufficient experience in the NHS environment. The lack of training opportunities is a risk to patients and therefore BAAPS are launching their own schemes.

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Michael Cadier;

“It’s a well-known adage that it takes 10,000 hours training to truly master a craft, and in bygone NHS days this was entirely possible for aesthetic plastic surgery – but with the advent of the European Working Time Directive; which limits the amount of time junior doctors can work; and a rise in medico-legal worries which means trainees don’t get as much of a chance to perform surgical procedures under supervision due to litigation fears; they’re lucky if they get 3,000 hours by the time they become consultants.

“Whilst they will have plenty of exposure to reconstructive treatment for burns, trauma and other medical conditions such as tumours, it does mean there’s a whole new generation of consultants going into private practice offering procedures such as facelifts and breast augmentation, having had virtually no contact with these types of ops during their time on the NHS.

“Whilst some may object that head and neck cancer or cleft palate training will have prepared them enough for ‘cosmetic’ surgery, this is simply not the case. It is also high time that we stop relying on the Health Service to prepare them for the private sector – why, indeed, should public funding go towards this arena?

“As the only Association solely dedicated to the advancement of aesthetic plastic surgery, we are ready to take up the mantle of responsibility for training with a groundbreaking new programme alongside our colleagues in other plastic surgery societies and the National Institute of Aesthetic Research – for the development of the profession but most importantly of all, for patient safety.”

Cosmetic Surgery Fellowships

BAAPS will be arranging a ground-breaking series of fully funded 3-month Fellowship programme which will provide a combination of hands-on practise, mentorship, access to specialist expertise and understanding of how to deal with complications.

Cosmetic Treatments Training

BAAPS deals with plastic surgery and Fellowships will concentrate on surgical skills and procedures. However, this development does highlight the need for good quality training for those working within the cosmetic field in general – including non-surgical treatments.

SkinViva Training

SkinViva Training Academy is now in its third year of business and has gone from strength to strength with its range of cosmetic injections courses designed to teach medical professionals the necessary skills for carrying out Botox and Dermal Fillers.

In the first instance, the one-day training courses are designed to equip delegates with the necessary skills for cosmetic treatments, but from the outset, we have also included many of the excellent features of the BAAPS Fellowship:

  • Hands-on practice – carrying out treatments on real patients under the watchful eye of experienced doctors
  • Mentoring – delegates can take advantage of our doctors’ and course leaders’ experience both of injecting and also of business
  • Complications – important and realistic discussion of what can go wrong, how to minimise the risks and how to handle any issues
  • Specialist Expertise – as well as advice and guidance from our doctors, delegates benefit from business advice

SkinViva Training

SkinViva Training was established  in 2013, in order to teach best practice skills and techniques to other medical professionals wishing to develop high standards of cosmetic injection skills and knowledge.

The company offers professional cosmetic treatments training to ensure that practitioners have the right skills and knowledge in order to safely carry out treatment.

SkinViva Training works closely with leading industry bodies and promotes high standards throughout for the benefit of patients of their delegates.

For more information, please call 0161 850 2491 or email

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