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Rise in Investigations for Welsh Cosmetic Clinics

welsh flagA BBC Wales investigation has highlighted a significant increase in the number of unregistered cosmetic laser clinics being investigated.

While there is no UK registration scheme as yet, those offering cosmetic treatments and laser procedures in Wales must register with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW).

Yet it would appear that many clinics are not registering – either due to the cost or lack of awareness of the problem.

The HIW has visited 24 unregistered premises since April 2015 and is now investigating another 37 – compared to just 10 reports of unregistered premises in 2014.

Registration costs £500 a year and involves inspection of premises and equipment. It does not currently cover any checks for the practitioners who carry out treatment, but Health Inspectorate Wales has said that they do want a national register of non-surgical practitioners.

The Public Health (Wales) Bill is currently being reviewed by the Welsh Assembly’s health and social care committee with a report anticipated by the end of November.

The bill includes a proposed licensing scheme for providers of tattoo, acupuncture, body piercing and electrolysis, which will be run by local authorities.

This does not yet include cosmetic treatments, but in a hint of more to come, a Welsh government spokesman said:

“Whilst certain procedures have not been included… the legislation enables ministers to amend, via regulations, the list of special procedures.”

Regulation in England

There is no system in place as yet for registration of cosmetic treatment providers in England, although several investigations and reports have recommended that some regulation is necessary to protect the public.

In the meantime, those practising cosmetic treatments are wise to anticipate that the industry will become better regulated.

Undertaking formal cosmetic treatments training is a good first step.

At SkinViva Training Academy, courses include not only the practical skills required to carry out treatment, but also vital information on how to manage consent and what to do about any side-effects.

Course delegates can then access forums and information to keep up to date on developments within the industry and understand the requirements for regulation or registration.

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