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How 7 Clinicians Started Their Business

SkinViva Training Academy has helped many delegates to start their own aesthetics businesses.

Here 7 clinicians share how they started:

Amjad Raja (MatrixClinicals)

amjad raja MatrixClinicals

About two years ago , whilst browsing through the web, looking for a reputable aesthetic trainer I stumbled across Skinviva. I looked at some reviews and decided to go for a Combo course. I survived through the intensive/packed day course in the end. I found it comprehensive , professional and in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Looking back, the last session on setting up Business, it’s technicalities and legalities was the one of the most important part, which helped me at each stage of my aesthetic Business.

In last year and a half we have grown from zero client to over 3,000 regular clients. Currently we have more than ten thousand likes on our Facebook page and diary is always full for at least 4 weeks in advance.

Thanks to superb training at Skinviva we have 99.9% happy customers, who always love their Dermafillers/ AntiWrinkle injections treatment results.

Ricci Hidalgo (PoshDerm)

Ricci Hidalgo PoshDerm

I was lucky I had a client just two weeks after the course – did Botox on the three areas, then the next few clients were her friends, my friends and carried on from word of mouth. I have few clients but they all come back so that is good. I’m hooked up with a salon but I have more referrals from word of mouth so might just do that for now.

I enjoy the small circle for now as I’m also busy with work and university. But this is definitely going to continue as I love doing it! Although I have been contemplating on expanding my business by doing more courses.

There is definitely a demand for the lip fillers, so that is my next plan. I could not ask for more for the support that I get from SkinViva. I have made a lot of friends in our facebook site too, everybody is just kind and helpful.  I think it is a fantastic site and there is never a day where I dont check and read what other’s had posted as I learn new things everyday.

Khalid Anis (Dermacare Health & Beauty)

khalid anisAs a busy NHS dentist i undertook training for botox and fillers approximately 1 year before i trained with SkinViva. By the time i had even thought about undertaking botox on patients a month or two had slipped by. This was an expensive lesson!! By the time i came to try and organise patients for toxin or filler treatment my confidence was reduced and my memory of the course distant.

Twelve months on i made a concerted effort to be prepared. I actually read the notes prior to coming on the course at SkinViva and importantly i made links with people i thought could enable me to see more patients. this meant that straight after the course i had a steady trickle of patients for treatments.

I have explored numerous avenues of seeing patients for toxin or filler treatments. This includes my own dental practice a GP practice and several beauty salons. I think we all find the avenue that suits us best.

Perhaps strangely my focus for the last 18 months or so has not been financial. I simply want to improve my clinical experience, so i have invested in more advanced courses and books. Knowledge has to be the key. Knowledge gives confidence not only in delivering treatments but also dealing with problems. I have thought about training to do additional treatments such as Aqualyx, but so far have resisted and tried to keep my focus on toxin and fillers in and around the face.

Kim Coxall (Kim’s Aesthetics)

Kim Coxall Kim’s AestheticsI currently work as a paediatric specialist nurse in Sunderland and been qualified for 26 years, the past four off these spent deliberating about aesthetics. Well, in March this year I finally took the plunge and booked with skinviva as this was recommended to me. I booked onto the March course and received my course manual very timely and to make the most of the day my weeks prior to attending was spent reading about Botox/fillers, going over the manual and generally thinking about how the business was going to work for me.

Preparation– Prior to attending I choose my salons carefully, none being rival business’s, all with loyal regular customers who paid for a quality service. My first was a hair salon where I was given my own room, available for me any day with flexible times. I was extremely lucky as the owners couldn’t have been more positive, they thought about how it could also work for them, letting their own clients aware of this service promoting it whenever possible, advertising on their website and basically making me feel part of a team. My second was a semi permanent make up salon where the owners had frequent requests for this service and it wasn’t available. This salon owner approached me as I had been recommended. The third being an advanced skin clinic established for over 20 years, again I knew the owners and although the availability of the room was limited I knew this would be a good start to advertising my business

Posters/business cards– l knew I wanted something bold, that would stand out and would clearly state the service. I didn’t want to be mistaken for a beautician I wanted something visible so if you drove past in the car it would make you look and not just be absorbed by the rest of the posters and carried the same theme through to my Facebook page. My Facebook page then had a homepage stating who I was, my qualifications and make people generally feel they were being welcomed to my business.

Before attending the course I knew when I had attended I needed to get going while everything was fresh in my mind and feeling motivated. I knew if I left a time delay I would begin to question myself and loose the new skills I had learnt, so I set up my page, including homepage and advertised a coming soon advert. Interest came quickly and on the day I attended I had five bookings ten days later.

For my my past six weeks have been nerve wracking and rewarding. I started in one salon as I didn’t want to be overwhelmed, gained confidence and I’m now in the second, the third salon starting Saturday. Many bookings have been from word of mouth mainly, before/after on social media and targeting people who I know would promote my service. Six weeks later my days off this week include x5 lip enhancement, x2 fillers and four Botox reviews, you can’t ask for more than that. I still question all the time, reflect on my work and constantly post on the skinviva trainee network but that can only improve my practice. Future plans are to master my basic skills, love the lips and cheeks here I come next year !!!!

Kath Worthington (Smooth Dimension)

Kath Worthington Smooth DimensionSince doing the training in January and again in April (lips and cheeks) I have been:

  • visiting salons
  • Having leaflets, posters and business cards made
  • Deciding on a name
  • Getting my new business on social media
  • Having initial meeting with website maker!
  • Collecting clinic consumables, emergency kit, starter kit etc
  • Getting insurance
  • Researching prices/near businesses
  • At the same time as working as a nurse and looking after 20 month old baby.

I am doing my first client (not including friends) on Friday and have a few more booked in.

I’m called Smooth Dimension.

As for social media to which I’m totally out of my comfort zone, I made a page in facebook, and I post in instagram. Unfortunately that’s about the most I’m capable of ?. Like I say my website is under construction so watch this space. I have also put posters up in salons, gym’s, local butchers (insanely busy) work etc.

Tracey Dennison (East Riding Aesthetics)

Tracey Suzanne East Riding AestheticsTraining with SkinViva was a considered decision and the springboard for my business. Operationalising the business has been a steep learning process and the ongoing mentorship from SkinViva pivotal.

Whilst the initial training set me up as a safe injector of within Aesthetics (with 20+ years as a nurse, I’m not unfamiliar with the business end of a needle) there is much more to becoming established eg: – set high standards; remain inflexible on this at all times – surround myself with great support – not to compromise on quality, products or price – PIAPA verification (for support and credibility).

My clients want to look natural and most won’t volunteer that they’ve had a touch of ‘help’. Attracting new clients is a slow process based on establishing a trusting relationship, putting their health and their look before my business and accepting that every client wears my reputation on their face.

Ian Felix (Mariko Clinic)

Ian Felix MarikoI really enjoyed the training in September and here is a brief resume of what I have been doing since…

We have built a clinic in our garden setting, the aim being to provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment. We offer consultations and discussions with clients before treatment to ensure that their expectations from treatment are met and they are fully informed about the procedure.

I have tried to implement all the guidelines and advice that was given at SkinViva training day and found it really helpful. I have been lucky enough to find a local GP Prescriber who works closely with Mariko Clinic and this means I have been able to work with injections almost immediately after the training.

I feel confident that the success I have gained is through only offering those treatments and not deviating from the protocols given during training.

I do feel that the Skin Viva approach is first class and having had 30 years in clinical work, am very impressed with their ethos. My intention is to continue with ongoing training.

My clinic is mariko clinic. At Most of my clients come through recommendations However I have had several through my website. We have also advertised through a local newspaper and leaflet drop but word of mouth appears to be the most successful.

Things are good here the clinic is going well and moving forward each month. My target is to do 40% of my work as aesthetics by the end of the year !!!! Grateful as always to the inspiration of your company. … Looking at tear trough course next.

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