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New GMC Standards for Cosmetic Treatment Doctors

gmc guidance doctors cosmetic treatments

The new GMC standards for doctors offering cosmetic treatments came into force in June and were described as ‘tough’ in the GMC’s own press release.

Whether you are a doctor or non-doctor medical professional practising cosmetic treatments, or are considering a career in the industry, this article will summarise the key points of this important guidance together with a link to download the 24 page document in full.


The cosmetic treatments industry has come under fire in recent years. 2013 saw a major review of the industry in England by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh with a report highlighting the risks associated with treatments and the need for greater protection for patients.

The new GMC guidance follows that report and encompasses both surgical and non-surgical treatments carried out by doctors. It is intended to drive up standards of care and ethics in the cosmetic industry, so that all patients receive the treatment and support they need, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Key Points

GMC Guidance for Cosmetic Treatment Doctors

The five key points covered by the guidance are:

  1. Responsible advertising/marketing
    Any advertising must be clear, factual, and not use promotional tactics, such as ‘two-for-one’ offers to encourage ill-considered decisions.
    Offering procedures as prizes is banned.
    Doctors must not allow others to misrepresent their services.
  2. Cooling off period
    Patients should have time for reflection and information about the risks, to make an informed and unpressured decision.
  3. Direct patient consent
    Doctors should not delegate the consultation/consent but should provide full information themselves before seeking a patient’s consent.
  4. Continuity of care
    The doctor must make sure patients know who to contact and what happens in case of any complications, providing details of any medicines/implants used.
  5. Patient safety
    The importance of full and accurate consultation records, using systems to identify and act on any patient safety concerns. Doctors are required to contribute to programmes to monitor quality and outcomes, including registers (e.g. for breast implants).

For More Information:

Professor Terence Stephenson, Chair of the GMC, said:

‘Cosmetic interventions should not be entered into lightly or without serious considerations. Above all, patients considering whether to have such a procedure need honest and straightforward advice which allows them to understand the risks as well as the possible benefits.

‘It is a challenging area of medicine which deals with patients who can be extremely vulnerable. Most doctors who practise in this area do so to a high standard but we do sometimes come across poor practice, and it is important that patients are protected from this and that doctors understand what is expected from them.

‘Our new guidance is designed to help drive up standards in the cosmetic industry and make sure all patients, and especially those who are most vulnerable, are given the care, treatment and support they need.’

Health Minister Ben Gummer said:

‘Anyone who chooses to have a cosmetic procedure should expect to have high quality and safe clinical care. This new guidance for doctors is an important step forward in improving standards and ending the lottery of poor practice in parts of the cosmetic industry.’

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