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Review: V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Course

jade-harrisonV300 Non-Medical Prescribing is the qualification that non-medically qualified individuals will need if they wish to Prescribe BOTOX (botulinum toxin) for their own patients and/or those of other practitioners.

It’s not compulsory for working in the sector – some practitioners work with a prescriber – but it is something that a lot of practitioners do consider to give them the flexibility and control of their own prescribing – even allowing them to prescribe for other practitioners as an extra dimension to their business for the future.

The V300 is a considerable undertaking, so we asked SkinViva Training delegates to share their experience:

Jade Harrison Shares Her Experience

Luminescence clinic, Flintshire

“I have recently completed the introductory Botox and fillers course and have found my V300 most valuable. It allows me as a nurse to consult my own clients, plan the treatment and treat. “No middle man” and no waiting for a third person to be available for consultations.

“It allows me to have control of when I see and treat clients. The only draw back as a nurse is that unlike a doctor we are unable to hold stock supplies of toxins which delays treatment slightly. I can have supplies delivered the next day following submitting my prescription and most people do not mind waiting a day or two for treatment.

“My V300 experience…

“Well where to start….

“I completed this course in 2014 with full support from my colleagues (in my NHS job). This course isn’t the easiest journey I’ve been on but having a good supportive team/mentor makes it all more bearable. It’s not one for the work phobics as it’s tough and time consuming…. But well worth while.

Course content (Wales):

  • one day per week attendance to uni for a six month period
  • A designated practice mentor (mine was the team consultant)
  • Patient feedback
  • Reflective assignment on prescribing scenarios
  • Maths exam
  • Exam based around the BNF which was multiple choice
  • Set number of practice hours which required sign off from your mentor (unsure how much this was but I think it’s around 90)
  • Evidence of supervision
  • Endless lectures on drugs and the body

“I am sure there are things I’ve missed off but it’s a heavy course and you must be well prepared.

“Saying that… I managed it despite horrific morning sickness and an ever growing size. I did however change from the masters level to degree level purely due to being pregnant and the volume of work.

“To sum it up…. Would I do it all again?? Yes I would! If you’re willing to put the work in then you will receive the benefits”

Jade Harrison, Luminescence clinic (Flintshire)

V300 Course

For more information about this course, see our article Non-Medical Prescribing V300 Course.

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