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V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Qualification Added Value

v300-review“The V300 – honestly, just the words make me nauseous! It was the course I did after completing my Master’s Degree and seriously, it made my Masters look like a walk in the park!”  

In the third of our series of V300 experiences, Tracey shares her story. But says it was all worthwhile…

“As my business has developed, it has worked out that my ability to prescribe has added value to the service I can offer.”

Tracey Dennison‘s Experience

East Riding Aesthetics

“The V300 – honestly, just the words make me nauseous!   It was the course I did after completing my Master’s Degree and seriously, it made my Masters look like a walk in the park!  This is not a course for the faint hearted, not something to ‘fit in’ around other priorities.

“For 6 months expect to live and breathe the V300. When I wasn’t at University (or working/trying to be a mum although family life did take a knock); I was either studying at home, doing my extra clinical hours, meeting with my DMP or revising with friends on the course. I even recorded my notes and had them on constant play in the car – intense was not in it!  It was far more time-demanding than I had anticipated and the volume of work/evidence required was something else.

“Having said all of that, would I do it again?  Yes, absolutely.  I know that with the V300 I can give better patient care (I must be clear that I did the course to enhance my role as an NHS nurse specialist and not primarily with Aesthetics in mind), after all, that’s what we all really want isn’t it; to look after our patients to the highest standard possible in whichever setting we’re in.

“With this in mind it’s always important be fully aware of the rules and regulations around non-medical prescribing.  You must be competent in the area you intend to prescribe.  At Hull University this was assessed as a minimum of 2 years’ experience in your speciality.

“When it comes to prescribing in Aesthetics this always involves a face to face consultation with your patient; even if you are prescribing for a non-prescribing practitioner, you are responsible for making sure the drugs you are prescribing are safe for the intended recipient and therefore you are culpable if anything goes wrong as a result of the prescribed medication being given.

“Trust me, the V300 is a proper eye opener regarding medicolegal issues and totally makes you understand why our doctors may take a little longer than we want when we hand them a drug chart with a ‘can you just prescribe ‘x’?’ request.

“At Hull University, we had a maths exam which required an 80% pass mark just to get on the course, as well as an interview for suitability.  We had another maths exam part way through with a 100% pass mark and a pharmacology exam with a required 80% pass mark (it was hard!).  In addition to this, the all-consuming portfolio work (which is no picnic), has to be done to a high standard and it will be failed if not up-to-scratch – heads down and hold on tight for a tough 6 months!

“As my business has developed, it has worked out that my ability to prescribe has added value to the service I can offer, although I do link in with a local group of practitioners who pitch in to support each other (prescribing or otherwise); I can’t tell you what a valuable resource this is – far better to work in synergy with local professionals than in competition with each other, but that’s just my opinion.

“Finally, if you are going to do the V300, the best, most useful and by far most informative text you can get to know inside out is the BNF.  I’d highly underestimated its usefulness until I really started revising for the final exam and then had a ‘duh’ moment of ‘why did I not read this page by page before’!  Put sticky tabs in there to highlight sections most appropriate to you (you can even write on the sticky tabs so you know what they’re highlighting), you can directly quote from it in the exam (it is the only text you are allowed to take in there).

“Make it your best friend for the 6 months of the course and you’ll do just fine – good luck!

Tracey Dennison, East Riding Aesthetics

V300 Course

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