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Dr Felicity: Teaching Botox/Fillers

dr-felicityAs well as being one of our trainers at SkinViva Training Academy, teaching delegates how to inject Botox and Dermal fillers; Dr Felicity is also an Aesthetic Dentist working for SkinViva.

We asked her to share her perspective on what makes aesthetics such a rewarding career choice and what she loves about her roles.

An Interview with Dr Felicity

What you do enjoy about teaching aesthetics?

“I really enjoy taking the delegates on a journey.

“Many come in nervous and worry about being shaky with their first injections; but as they do more and more hands-on injecting, they realise they can utilise all their background speciality skills to their advantage and by the end of the course are raring to go.

“I love seeing some of the delegates I taught on the Facebook SkinViva Training Delegate Network.

“I have that ‘proud mama’ moment when they share that they have just had their first client.”

Tell us about a recent memorable delegate success story

“I loved seeing Rachel Morris Healey sharing the launch of her company on the network.

“She’s worked hard to build up clients, decided what look she wanted and then went for it.”

What’s your favourite treatment area to teach and why

“Cheeks! The cheeks are the real ‘Hanger’ of the face.

“When you can do those it really opens your eyes to the whole face and you start to treat the root of the problem not just the problem. For example, for some patients, issues such as nasolabial folds are far better improved with cheek enhancement.”

What advice would you have to someone who is considering moving into the sector?

“I’d say be realistic about what you hope to achieve and the targets you set yourself. It can be a slow burn to start with.

“Line up some clients (even willing friends/family) ready to treat the week after the course so you don’t leave it too long before you are hands on again or you start to lose your confidence.”

What are you top tips for getting started after you’ve completed your training?

“Don’t let it take over your whole life(!). Even if you have quit your job and have 9-5 to spend on it, then do just that.

“Make sure your days are productive and have timetables for the day. For example, if you are planning to research competition spend no longer than 55 minutes on it. Select your site and ring as many salons in the area as possible/Google search starting with those closest and working outwards. Then when the time is up, stop.

“You could go on and on and on ringing but by then you’ll have more than enough. Then walk away for 5 mins and return to the next task on your list.”

Tell us about your experience

“Working for SkinViva gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to change my work/life balance. It used to be full on dentistry with aesthetics squeezed in on the side and little time for anything else. Now my work is prioritised towards aesthetics, with a little bit of dentistry – leaving plenty of time for family, friends and fun!”

Dr Felicity

Dr Felicity lives in Didsbury with her husband Richard, 2 children Freya and Samuel, dog Archie and Chloe the rabbit!

She is one of our team of regular trainers on SkinViva Training’s courses.

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