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CCR Expo Review 2016

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A review of Europe’s biggest trade event uniting the traditionally disparate worlds of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic medicine.

A guest blog.

by Tracey Dennison, East Riding Aesthetics

“CCR 2016, I was so looking forward to this event. I’d been trying to go for the previous 2 years and not made it so my expectations were high. The (very early) morning started well (think it was something to do with the lovely Mocha from the coffee-pod at Brough train station!). All was going great right up until my connection at Doncaster was cancelled… I’ll gloss over the angst at this point but surface it to say I did eventually get to London, much later than I planned and little bit flustered.

“The CCR itself was amazing! I saw some fabulous demonstrations, listened to some stunning speakers, chatted with people I’d never met before and caught up with a few who I keep meeting on the conference ‘circuit’.

“The conference hall itself was full of stands as well as 4 teaching stages for speakers and demonstrations. I was just in time to see Mr Ash Labib and Mr Dalvi Humzah fight it out over their different approaches to non-surgical rhinoplasty with the session chair being Dr Kate Goldie. This was an electric session as these 3 practitioners are all very eminent and accomplished within Aesthetics. I have heard them speak and seen them demonstrate individually before so seeing all 3 together on the same stage was fantastic, informative, really educational and quite entertaining!

“Another fantastic talk/demo was at the Merz stage looking at how to contour a male face which was really enlightening. Later at the main theatre I attended a great session focused on treating skins of colour. I was really interested to learn about how different skins respond to different treatments; I really didn’t fully appreciate how toxin works differently on different skins with different treatments, I have had my eyes opened on that one. The drinks reception was a good end to the day and then, for me, it was time to hit the road.

“The return journey wasn’t so bad, would have been a lot worse if the (late) train from London to Doncaster had been any later; in that case I would have missed the last train of the day back to Brough, thankfully I made it with a minute to spare (but won’t be booking with that particular train company again!)

“There is so much to review and read; l almost don’t know where to start. All in all the CCR experience was fantastic, loads to see and learn, really worthwhile. Would I go back next year? Absolutely … if I can be sure the trains will run on time!!!”

Tracey Dennison, East Riding Aesthetics

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CCR Expo 2017

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