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NHS Paramedic Starts BOTOX/Fillers Business

debbie-alderson-botoxGuest Blog, Debbie Alderson

In the first of our series of guest blogs from paramedics, Debbie Alderson explains how she trained for a new career in BOTOX and fillers.

As a paramedic, choices were limited for training. However, SkinViva Training’s course fitted the bill. She shares the story of starting her own business.

by Debbie Alderson

“Following 30 years within the NHS as a paramedic, I was finding I needed a new venture to keep me stimulated and the brain cells ticking over…….After much soul searching, I knew I still required person/client/patient contact and facial aesthetics chose me.

“I accompanied my daughter to have a lip filler administered and was appalled by the practitioner’s technique and hygiene standards.   I thought that I could do a better job!! I am not bragging about my abilities but rather, at such a poor standard I had seen, any improvement would be a bonus!!

“After months of thinking and talking about it I started to look for a training establishment and chose SkinViva. The website looked professional, the reception staff were extremely helpful and informed me that we are not just left to work on our own following the course but access to an aesthetics forum for past delegates was available. This is why I chose SkinViva Training.

“Following completion of my Botox and Dermal Fillers foundation course, I found the hard work had just begun. Turned down by several insurance companies due to my paramedic status, I found a couple and decided to go with Cosmetic Insure.

“Secondly, I started on my journey of finding a prescriber. I received several good, sound offers but found that living in the largest county in England and in the middle of rural Yorkshire, mileage costs were soon eating into my profit margin. Feeling a bit demoralised at this point and wondering was it even worth considering Botox clients, another paramedic suggested a GP prescriber in Harrogate. I rang her and the rest is history so to speak.

“My business is beginning to take shape and I’m spending my time working between a salon and in my newly converted clinic, working from home.

“There are always pitfalls to anything in life but go with your ideas and your dreams will take shape.”

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