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Paramedics Fight for Equality

neil-rooney-timeless-hair-beautyGuest Blog

Neil Rooney, Paramedic & Aesthetics Practitioner

In the second of our series of guest blogs from paramedics who’ve entered the world of aesthetic treatments, Neil Rooney explains the challenges he faced in pursuing a new career in BOTOX and fillers.

As a paramedic, there were a number of obstacles to entering the market. Neil explains his ‘fight for equality’ and his experiences and recommendations for training, insurance, reps, suppliers and prescribers.

He has now set up his own business.

Paramedics Fight for Equality

by Neil Rooney, Timeless Hair & Beauty

“I was first introduced to aesthetics by a long term friend and nurse. After being invited to her clinic, I thought this is my way forward, to eventually leave the ambulance service.

Finding a Training Company

“My first hurdle was finding a training company. Naturally you go on word of mouth, but I contacted the same company 4 times in total to gain an answer, after which they then blamed their own insurance company for the reason why I could not train with them. From then on I was even laughed at down the phone when enquiring. I contacted a company in my own town that came with high recommendations only to be told ‘good luck with that we will never teach Paramedics’.

SkinViva Training have been the only company (unless any others have now changed their policy) who I could train with, without travelling hundreds of miles and at a fair price with a good reputation… they say there is always a silver lining.

Suppliers, Partners and Prescribers

“Next was insurance, the only company that would speak with me was Cosmetic Insure and these are fantastic.

“Supplies were yet another on going hurdle. Most will not recognise paramedics and most want you insured with Hamilton Fraser. However, Church Pharmacy have now accepted me.

“Reps, I have found a fantastic one now, but I would go to meetings with other nurses. Some reps would not entertain me as they themselves did not recognise paramedics, theses meeting our great for networking, gaining experience, free training and product offers.

“And finally! Prescribers, some especially doctors have refused to prescribe for me, I have a nurse prescriber now she is fantastic, but unfortunately no longer lives locally. SkinViva have offered to help and I’m sure they will be open minded.

Paramedics in Aesthetics

“I appreciate the Paramedic of 12 years ago were rough around the edges. We specialised in trauma and cardiac arrests, but we always had a can do attitude and was open always to change and training…. Now Paramedics have masters in critical care, ECP’s degrees and paramedical science diplomas. Our skill base is the same as any band 5 nurse and lots of paramedics now work in walk in centres etc. I myself have retrained as a forensic practitioner at band 6 level. We are no longer pre-hospital trauma monkeys!

“My next quest and any help or advice is welcome is to take the v300 prescribers course myself…. I’m currently struggling to get accepted, so this story continues…

“I have to say SkinViva Training has been a massive help and support. Easy to contact and in no way judgemental towards different HCP trades. Their training, experience and passion for excellent professional aesthetic practitioners and customer satisfaction is what I believe it is all about.

“I have now opened a hair a beauty salon with my partner who is a hairdresser called “Timeless Hair and Beauty” in Castleford, West Yorkshire which has a purpose built clinic within…. We have hit the ground running and I will happily update on the aesthetic side of business by June next year as to how well I am doing. The hair and beauty is already  a success so I guess my client base is a lot easier to approach than if I was just a clinic.”


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