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Paramedics Entry to Aesthetics

steve-doheny-botox-paramedicGuest Blog by Steve Doheny

Le Chic Beauty and Aesthetics

In the third of our series of guest blogs from paramedics who’ve entered the world of aesthetic treatments, Steve Doheny of Le Chic Beauty and Aesthetics answers our questions about his career move from paramedic to BOTOX and fillers.

Steve provides lots of useful advice for paramedics and other health professionals seeking to expand their skills into this area.

Paramedics in Aesthetics

How easy was it to find a training company for Paramedic?

To find a company to train with I started with an internet search.

None of the training companies seemed to openly advertise for paramedics but instead their websites would state that they train doctors nurses and midwives. It was only when I looked further into the FAQ’s or site forum that paramedics were mentioned. Even then when I contacted some of these companies they said they no longer trained paramedics. This raised a few questions such as why had this changed and would my investment in training be for nothing.

When I contacted SkinViva they were very helpful in allaying my fears and were very supportive. I felt like I wasn’t been treated any differently to other professions.

What options have you had for getting insurance?

This wasn’t too difficult. I had a ten second conversation with the first insurer (HF) who point blank will not insure Paramedics. My experience with the second insurer (CI) was completely different. The broker talked me through the policy, what procedures I was covered to do and what products I would be covered to use. They couldn’t have been more helpful.

Why do you think Paramedics are suitable to be aesthetic practitioners?

I think a number of things make paramedics suitable to be aesthetics practitioners.

Firstly a paramedic is a registered professional whose conduct is accountable to the HCPC whom they are registered with. As part of this registration we must abide by a strict set of standards and a code of ethics or risk being struck from the register. As with other health professionals acting in the best interest of service users is paramount.

The paramedic profession has come a long way in the last 10 years with the introduction of higher education and many paramedics practicing now at degree and masters level. Clients can be reassured that a paramedic aesthetician has the knowledge and skills to safely carry out their procedure.

What obstacles have you come across in relation to getting started?

Initially as a non prescribing profession the worry I had was securing a prescriber to work alongside. I was very fortunate however as a met a GP who lived locally to me while on my first skinviva training course and we have been working together ever since

What success have you had since completing your training?

Again I have been very fortunate as my partner has her own beauty business based in a salon so I had instant access to a client base. We have just finished renovating a room to use as a clinic.

I have added lip augmentation and cheek enhancement to my portfolio and plan to reinvest in further training to offer more treatments to clients.

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