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BOTOX Prescribers and Prescribing

georgie-clare-skinviva-trainingby Georgie Clare, Sales Consultant

SkinViva Training’s Sales Consultant shares her experience and insight into the issues of prescribing BOTOX and finding a prescriber. 

It is one of the questions we’re most often asked. Georgie’s blog will give readers all the facts to make the right decision.

by Georgie Clare

“In the course of my job as a Sales Consultant for SkinViva Training (specialists in Aesthetic Training for injectables) I am regularly asked

‘If I am not a prescriber, how can I do treatments with Botox (Botulinum Toxin) which is a prescription only medicine (POM)’

“When I advise them it is perfectly possible to practise as a non-prescriber, providing they can organise their consultations with an Independent prescriber and factor in the costs, it can work very well.

“Prospective delegates understandably want to know more.

“Firstly the non-prescriber needs to link up with a prescriber and there are various ways they can do this. At SkinViva Training we are keen to nurture our delegates and will actively give advice and will also try to assist this linking up.

“An independent prescriber ideally should have aesthetic experience in order to prescribe in that field. We are aware that several pharmacies require nurse prescribers to provide their certificate of aesthetic training, prior to allowing them to prescribe Botulinum Toxin in aesthetic medicine.

“All clients are required to have a physical face to face consultation with their prescriber. Face time, video links like skype and general remote prescribing are no longer permitted by the NMC, GDC or GMC.

“The prescriber is normally paid directly by the non-prescriber, bank transfer is often the most convenient method. Costs vary but typically £25-30 per consultation.

“Interestingly, the non-prescriber need not be present for the consultation, although they may wish to be. Likewise, the prescriber does not need to be present whilst the non-prescriber administers the Botox.

“Consultation complete, the prescriber orders the products either on their online pharmacy account or that of the non-prescriber, adding their credentials. It is quite normal for the pharmacy to verify that the prescriber is happy to prescribe for the non-prescriber when they first order.

“The billing address and delivery address entered are those of the non-prescriber who will pay for the products and have them delivered to them directly.

“Unless you are a doctor or dentist allowed to hold stock, any other medical professional would need to order the products in, thus a delay between consultation and treatment.

“Under GMC guidelines, clients should be given time to consider their treatment and should not feel pressured or obliged to have a treatment at the consultation appointment. At SkinViva we regularly have consultation – only appointments and clients return at a later date for their treatments.

“I am frequently asked

“How long do the pharmacies take to deliver your order?”

“Depending on what time of day you order and the opening hours of the pharmacy, you can often get a delivery the next working day.

“The majority of our delegates are non-prescribing medical professionals – nurses, paramedics, dental therapists and dental hygienists. Through hard work and commitment their Aesthetic business has taken off, they often return to reinvest into their business by taking further advanced courses enabling them to meet the treatment demands of their client base.

“I would be happy to discuss any questions regards prescribing in aesthetics or indeed any other aesthetic training questions you may have. Contact Georgie on 0161 850 2491”

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