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Want to join THE most supportive and informative community FOR medical aesthetics professionals on the web?

Miranda Pearce, co-founder and Customer Experience Director at SkinViva Training Academy, shares her thoughts on why it’s so important to find a training provider that offers great post-course support.

Guest Blog by Miranda Pearce, Customer Experience Director

“If you’re thinking about entering the world of medical aesthetics, many questions are probably flying through your mind, like ‘What will it be like working outside the NHS, not having colleagues to support me?’ and ‘What’s it like setting up your own business?’

“Yeah, I was too! When Tim and I set up SkinViva almost 9 years ago (that’s Dr Tim Pearce, MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP: one of the industry’s foremost Aesthetic Doctors, and SkinViva’s Clinical Director), we had no idea how to set up a business or who to go to if one of our patients got a side effect that we hadn’t experienced before.

“That’s we we’re so passionate at SkinViva Training about the need to support our delegates after their training. And it’s why we set up the now legendary closed ‘SkinViva Trainee Network’ Facebook group.

So legendary in fact, that whenever I walk past delegates having their lunch on our foundation Combined Botox and Filler course, they’re almost always talking about the Facebook group. “Have you heard about this brilliant group they’ve got?!”

“And as soon as they finish their course with us, they get their coveted and exclusive invite to join the group.

“So, what’s so good about the Facebook group I hear you shout? Well, here’s what:

  • It’s a closed group, so only medical professionals who have trained with SkinViva Training are members, meaning that it’s a safe forum for colleagues to share their clinical and business questions, case studies (with patient consent), concerns, and success stories, and other SkinViva-trained professionals reply with their thoughts and share best practice. It’s reflective practice at its best.
  • The SkinViva Aesthetic Doctor and Aesthetic Dentist Trainers themselves also reply to many posts on the forum, and everyone shares in the learning.
  • It’s incredibly supportive. Despite the fact that those on the forum are technically ‘competitors’, the forum is beyond supportive. It’s full of people who just want to help each other and there is a wonderful community spirit.
  • Lone-working can be, well, lonely, so it’s great to know that you have a friend out there when you’re feeling a bit vulnerable. We’re even having a Christmas party this year!
  • We discuss business matters on the forum too, for example people will discuss what’s involved in setting up as a Ltd company or ask for feedback on their new business logo.
  • It’s brilliant for topping up your knowledge. Even if you’re joining us for advanced courses and have been practising for a while, you will be constantly learning from the varied discussions that crop up on the group.
  • In addition, being a member of the SkinViva Trainee Network gives you access to: exclusive early-bird introductory discounts on our very popular e-learning courses; invaluable invites to face-to-face networking events; and summaries of industry changes that will affect your ongoing practice.

“Where is this Facebook group I hear you shout? I want to have a nosey at it! You’re out of luck I’m afraid – it’s a ‘secret’ group so it’s not even searchable.

“But take it from me, it’s amazing! In fact, don’t just take it from me. Here are some screenshots of the forum:




“If you’re interested to hear more about the Facebook group or have any questions about our training courses generally, please call my very knowledgeable colleague Georgie on 0161 850 2491.

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