How to Prepare for a Dermal Filler Reversal

How to Prepare for a Dermal Filler Reversal Procedure in 10 steps

SkinViva aesthetics trainer Dr Sharan has given a step by step guide, detailing how to prepare for a planned dermal filler reversal procedure using Hyalase.Dr Sharan Uppal

What you will need:

  • Bacteria Static Saline
  • Hyalase Vial 1500 international units
  • 5ml Syringe

*Please note: this guide offers instruction for preparing for a planned dermal filler reversal rather than an emergency necrosis situation where dilutions would be different.


  1. Take cap off Saline
  2. Sterilise the top with a wipe
  3. Take 5 ml syringe
  4. Draw 3 lots of 5 ml saline out of the bottle and discard in the sink to leave exactly 15 ml of saline in the bottle.
  5. Break open Hyalase by applying pressure to the red dot on the vial.
  6. Withdraw 1ml Saline from bottle and add to Hyalase
  7. Make sure powder is dissolved before drawing up solution and adding back to the saline bottle.
  8. You should now have 1500 international units of Hyalase to 15ml of bacteria static saline.
  9. Draw out an equal amount of solution to the amount of product that you want to dissolve i.e. 1 ml solution for 1ml filler etc…
  10. Make sure you do a test injection on the forearm of the client to ensure that they aren’t allergic, a small bleb is enough. If there is no immediate reaction within a couple of minutes you are safe to go ahead with the Hyalase procedure.


  • Hyalase will continue to dissolve filler in the area for up to two weeks so it is important not to repeat the dermal filler treatment before this point.
  • When performing the reversal, only inject Hyalase into the areas that you want to reverse.
  • Once injected, the Hyalase may initially reduce some of the skins natural collagen, however, this will re-generate within a couple of days.



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