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Paramedics & BOTOX: Article in Consulting Room

Feature by Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director

lee-cottrillSkinViva Training’s Business Development Director’s article on ‘Paramedics & BOTOX, a Match Made in Heaven?’ was featured in Consulting Room’s members magazine. 

The article came from discussion on SkinViva Training’s active Facebook community, where 2016 saw debates about prescribing for a practitioner who is NOT a nurse but a paramedic.

Lee’s article featured in full in Consulting Room’s members magazine.

Consulting Room is the UK’s largest cosmetic information website, providing an array of consumer-focused advice and guidance regarding all aspects of the medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. The website published regular news, blog and opinion and Consulting Room has been featured in many national media publications.

The starting point of the article was paramedics experiences of finding prescriber, insurance and training; but Lee’s investigations also included getting a perspective on the matter from insurers, industry body PIAPA and nurse prescribers.


Lee’s article looks at the experience of paramedics in trying to find a prescriber, which had been problematic for some due to insurance concerns on behalf of the prescriber. Lee says:

“Former delegates and paramedics Neil Rooney (from Wakefield) and Claire Shaw (from Lincoln) both contacted me to say that often their experience has been that nurses decline to prescribe for their patients because they are nervous about if NMC guidelines allow them to or if their insurance covers them.”


To investigate further, Lee discussed the situation with cosmetic insurance specialists.

Jack Styles from Hamilton Fraser said:

“…We don’t have an issue with our Nurses prescribing for Paramedics, so long as the consultation is performed by the Nurse and is carried out face to face.”

Janine Revill at Cosmetic Insure said:

““There are certain criteria before we will allow prescribing nurses to prescribe for others i.e. they have to have been practicing aesthetic injectables for a least 2 years or 2 years as a prescribing nurse within the NHS and 1 year in Aesthetics. We have no problems in a Nurse Prescriber prescribing for a paramedic.”


The Private Independent Practices Association (PIAPA) Head of Communications, Amy Senior, told Lee:

“To my knowledge a nurse can prescribe for anyone as long as they have assessed the patient physically in a face-to-face consultation and their insurance covers them to do so.”

Nurse Prescribers

Nurse Prescriber Sharynne Pretty commented:

“This is no different to a nurse prescribing for another nurse – as long as competency has been achieved by the practitioner and the prescriber conducts the consultation and is satisfied the practitioner has competence. There shouldn’t be an issue.”

Lee’s Conclusion

Having investigated the situation from a number angles and perspectives, Lee’s conclusion is positive for paramedics:

“So in summary, it seems there is no issue with a nurse prescriber (or other prescriber) prescribing for patients where the person carrying out the treatment is not a nurse.

“Ultimately however the prescriber has accountability for the patient care in relation to the prescribed drug (whether they are the one treating the patient or not) and so the key issue is that the nurse can evidence the competence of the professional who is carrying out the treatment, and is satisfied that the professional also has in place professional indemnity insurance.”

Read the original story on our website at Paramedics & BOTOX, a Match Made in Heaven?


Lee Cottrill is Business Development Director for SkinViva and SkinViva Training.

He specialises in business change and project management. He also gives a portion of his time pro bono to the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) which is responsible for non-surgical aesthetics qualifications and a register of practitioners in the UK


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