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Download a Free Aesthetics Profitability Calculator

profitability calculator‘How much could I earn’ is one of the most commonly asked questions among those considering work in the Aesthetics industry.

The dream, for many, is for aesthetics work to eventually become full time, giving more freedom than working for somebody else and a greater income too.

Understanding the ‘business side’ is crucial. SkinViva Training’s free profitability calculator is designed to help you work out the maths.

What is Profit?

In simple terms, profit is the difference between earnings and costs; and in business terms, profit is everything.

Whether you choose to operate as a sole trader or a limited company, whether you choose to pay yourself a salary or not; the profit figure is going to determine what reward you ultimately get for your work.

Free Profitability Calculator

SkinViva Training have been working with delegates for many years and have lots of advice and support. We understand how important it is to be realistic about whether aesthetics is a viable career.

Our simple ‘profitability calculator’ is a DIY tool which lays out the key variables. Simply input the figures and see what profit is projected. This is based on a number of variables which you can input and test yourself:

  1. Income – your sales forecast can include:
    • number of patients treated
    • treatments undertaken (BOTOX, fillers, lip filler etc)
    • how many areas treated
    • prices charged for BOTOX/fillers
  2. Costs – subtract the outgoings. The spreadsheet includes a few suggestions and you can add your own:
    • product costs, clinical supplies
    • room hire, rent
    • insurance, training, professional costs
    • advertising, print costs
    • parking, travel, phone, utilities

It’s a very simple guide. It doesn’t include tax and national insurance for example, but the spreadsheet does help to give a flavour of how the business balances and whether it’s viable based on the time a person is able to dedicate and the numbers of patients they’re likely to see.

The spreadsheet also facilitates ‘what if’ – simply adjust the numbers to see what difference it would make adding an extra £25 to your prices, treating an extra 10 patients a week or factoring in an additional room hire fee.

Work Out Your Own Profitability

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