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Advanced Dermal Fillers Course – Cheek Enhancement

cheek enhancement training‘Cheek Enhancement’ is an advanced dermal fillers course which teaches practitioners the more sophisticated skills and techniques necessary for carrying out cheek enhancement.

Cheek enhancement is becoming far better known among clients and a procedure which is in demand. It is seen as a premium treatment which ventures into the ‘non-surgical facelift’ territory; because done well, it can deliver a lift and a noticeable anti-ageing impact for the face as a whole.

SkinViva Training’s Foundation BOTOX® & Dermal Fillers Course is an excellent place to start a career in aesthetics, providing essential grounding in the most popular procedures; but with a bit of experience, many delegates are keen to develop more advanced skills for their patients.

Cheek Enhancement

More than just augmentation!

The title of the course is important – cheek enhancement is subtly different to cheek augmentation. Augmentation means simply enlarging or making bigger. This isn’t always the best approach and can result in over-prominent ‘hamster’ type cheeks.

The word enhancement implies making better and more aesthetically pleasing. It involves a more balanced approach which sees the cheeks within the context of the whole face.

That’s why SkinViva Training’s Cheek Restoration & Enhancement Course teaches specific understanding of facial aesthetics, addressing the role that the cheeks play in great detail, considering balance, symmetry and fullness. Training also includes consideration of volume loss in the cheek area, which is particularly common among patients who have lost a lot of weight and can be prematurely ageing. The potential of developing cheek shape and volume in order to ‘lift’ and rejuvenate the face is also considered and strategies are reviewed in detail.

Armed with a detailed understanding of facial ratios and key aesthetic principles; delegates then learn practical injecting skills and understanding of the various product options including the latest generation of longer lasting dermal fillers.

As with all SkinViva Training courses, the learning is done with plenty of first hand experience on live models.

Course Availability

SkinViva Training only run the cheek enhancement course a few times a year, but there is availability for this month on Thursday 23rd March.

All courses are to be held at the Manchester training centre. See our full list of all training courses.

SkinViva Training Academy Manchester

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