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Biggest Challenges for New Aesthetics Businesses

importantAt SkinViva Training, we’ve helped hundreds of delegates to start out on a new career. 

Training is the first step, but many people are quite concerned about the business side too – what practicalities need to be worked out and ultimately, whether it will be worth it.

We have listed the most common perceived challenges for someone setting up an aesthetics business for the first time.

SkinViva Training Survey

SkinViva Training carried out a survey of over 250 people, the majority of whom are already practising BOTOX/fillers. The survey included the question:

“What do you feel are the biggest challenges likely to be faced by someone setting up an aesthetics business for the first time? (Choose up to 3)”

The answers in order of priority show delegates’ biggest worries:

Answer ChoicesResponses
Having enough supervised practice before treating your own patients48%
Dealing effectively with adverse reactions and complications from the treatments47%
Feeling alone with a lack of support39%
Understanding the rules and regulations34%
Attracting customers32%
Knowing how to set up and run a business26%
Finding a prescriber (if applicable)14%
Making a profit / being competitive14%
Start-up costs12%
Finding somewhere to carry out the treatments8%

SkinViva Training offers excellent support for delegates before and after training, as well as on the day. We understand that there are some specific concerns to address and we specifically recommend the following information for anybody contemplating a career in aesthetics:

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SkinViva Training Manchester

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