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What are Regulated Aesthetics Qualifications Useful For?

botox qualificationSurprisingly, there is currently NO legal obligation to have any kind of training or qualification in order to carry out aesthetic treatments in the UK.

After official various investigations and reports, it does seem certain that the market will change at some point. In the meantime, courses are a very popular way of gaining professional training – and those in the industry perceive that this will bring a number of benefits even ahead of any potential market regulation.

SkinViva Training’s recent survey into the aesthetics market asked respondents:

Choose up to TWO answers which BEST complete the sentence in your own opinion: “I think regulated aesthetics qualifications are useful for…”

The top answer choices were:

  1. …ensuring all practitioners operate at a consistent and recognised standard – 81%
  2. …protecting the public by raising standards – 81%
  3. …giving me better confidence in the treatments I offer – 11%
  4. …setting yourself apart from competitors – 9%
  5. …practitioners who have little or no experience (but less so for experienced practitioners) – 6%
  6. …attracting more customers to my business – 2%

The top two responses overwhelmingly showed that those in the industry are keen to protect patients by ensuring that treatments are safely and correctly carried out.

One respondent added:

“The practitioner who provides any treatment should also be capable of dealing with all the actual and potential complications that are associated with them and only medical practitioners are qualified to do so.”

While another commented:

“Practitioners who are not medically qualified have not had the training to recognise/manage complications and take an accurate medical history.”

While training and qualifications are not essential for practising, they’re strongly considered to be advantageous by those who answered our survey.


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