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Why the cosmetic industry has a responsibility to ban under 18s

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The Nuffield Council on Bioethics report supports tighter restrictions on treatments for young people and criticises the availability of apps and online games which focus on body image and allow youngsters to ‘simulate’ results of plastic surgery.

As professionals, it is important for anybody working in or considering a career in aesthetics to understand the sensitive issues surrounding treating under 18s.

On the one hand, we are obligated to make decisions based on what will improve the quality of someone’s life and clients under the age of 18 may put forward very strong arguments as to why they should have a certain treatment or procedure. They may even have the support of their parents.

However, it is the view of the team at SkinViva Training believe that even with the current lack of legislation, it is not advisable to treat  as a teenager.

What are the risks in treating under 18’s?

The key factors on cosmetic procedures and treatments for under 18s are;

  1. Vulnerable psychology
    Teenagers are quite vulnerable to negative self-perception and peer pressure to look ‘perfect’, measured against unrealistic ideals portrayed on social media. The developing psychology of an under 18 isn’t in a place of stability
  2. Developing features
    During the teens, the body and face are still changing with growth, weight fluctuation and maturity. Facial shaping procedures are best carried out when these major changes have settled
  3. Anti-ageing?
    Some teens argue that they want to start BOTOX as early as possible. Under 18, there are unlikely to be any signs of ageing and this is simply too controversial an area to be worth any kind of risk, either medical or reputational

On release of the Nuffield report, SkinViva’s Aesthetic Clinician Dr Felicity was invited to interview on BBC 5 Live. She explains how young people are turning to cosmetic procedures such as facial fillers as a result of social media pressure (listen here:

What issues do we face as an industry?

The cosmetic treatments industry at present is unregulated and so it is to practitioners to exercise judgement as to what treatments are appropriate.

16 year olds can and do access treatments at aesthetics or beauty clinics. It is quite legal to be treated by untrained and unethical practitioners and receive treatment.

SkinViva Training genuinely care about raising standards across the board for the UK aesthetics industry. That’s why we established our training courses exclusively for qualified medical professionals alongside our SkinViva clinic in Manchester.

A spokesperson for SkinViva Training advises:

“If there is a risk you could do a technically good procedure but it’s not actually psychologically benefitting them, then it’s not a good procedure!

“The aesthetics industry needs to be in a place where every day we as medical professionals are making psychologically, helpful procedures rather than procedures that people just ask for – regardless of age.”

BOTOX® & Fillers Training

SkinViva Training Academy is a major provider of cosmetic treatment courses for practitioners. The company welcomes better regulation of the industry and work to further higher standards among practitioners through quality training courses.

We will continue to update this website with industry regulation news.

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