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BOTOX® Training – Anti-Sweating Forehead Treatment

Dr Sharanjit UppalThose who suffer from excessive sweat above average year round, but summer is even worse.

Anti-sweating treatment using BOTOX is very effective in the underarm/armpit area – but can it be used safely and effectively for forehead sweating?

In our latest training guide, Dr Sharan Uppal provides  advice on use of BOTOX for forehead sweating.

Craniofacial Sweating

Excessive sweating of the face, head, or scalp is a known medical condition. It is a common problem and clients can find facial sweating even more stressful and embarrassing than when it occurs on the body, as it is harder to hide.

Excessive forehead sweating tends to be even worse in stressful situations, so can affect people in the workplace in meetings for example. As with any sweating, warm weather has an enormous impact, so Aesthetic Clinicians have more enquiries for BOTOX sweat-reduction injections over the summer.

Some anti-ageing BOTOX clients notice an improvement in their forehead sweating as a result of their wrinkle-reduction injections. So is it a suitable treatment? Not necessarily

Advice for Forehead Sweating BOTOX

Dr Sharan Uppal has provided the following advice for fellow practitioners:

  • BOTOX is actually not an ideal treatment for sweating in the forehead. This is because it needs to be superficially injected into the skin i.e. not the muscle as is the case for anti-wrinkle treatment.
  • It is possible that even with the greatest of care that some botulinum toxin may end up being injected into a part of the muscle. When this happens, there is a risk of causing uneven facial lines where some wrinkles have been inadvertently treated but not all.
  • There is likely to be some impact on forehead sweating but not necessarily the whole forehead as your injection points will follow the hairline.
  • In SkinViva’s clinics, we don’t offer this treatment as a general rule of thumb.
  • On rare occasions when carrying out this treatment, we would do standard 1 unit doses around hairline. However, patients should be warned that sweating is still likely to continue on the scalp.
  • There is no licensed guidance on this treatment for dosage as far as we’re aware.
  • Anti-cholinergic tablets are likely to be more effective for this condition.

Training for Anti-Sweating Injections

BOTOX or botulinum toxin injections for underarm excessive sweating are an effective treatment and one which has become increasingly popular now that clients are more aware of it as an option.

SkinViva Training Academy offers underarm anti-sweating treatment training on a 1-2-1 basis with courses arranged as required.

SkinViva Training Academy Manchester

SkinViva Training Ltd offer a range of professional training courses for cosmetic and medical skin treatments, including foundation to advanced level BOTOX Training.

Their courses in cosmetic treatments directed at suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures.

See our full list of forthcoming training course dates.

SkinViva Training Academy was established in 2013 by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP – learn more about us. The SkinViva Training Academy team upholds high standards of clinical training providing a combination of fully-supervised practical experience together with essential theory.

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