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Welcome Aimee – our new SkinViva Aesthetics Trainer

dr aimeeThe SkinViva Training Academy team in Manchester has been growing its team of trainers – meaning we’re bringing more industry leading aesthetic courses your way. Our latest aesthetics trainer is one of the SkinViva clinicians, Dr Aimee Clark.

In July, Aimee took her first training day – our Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler course. We spoke with Aimee to hear how she got on…

Foundation Botox & Dermal Fillers Course with Aimee

Today, I overcame a hurdle – my first day as an aesthetic trainer teaching on our Foundation Botox & Dermal Fillers course. It’s done and wow, what an incredible day! It’s quite the accomplishment really, when I think about it, having trained four new delegates who have never administered Botox or fillers before.

As you’d expect, my nerves were flying from the start…

Will they like the format of my presentation?

Will the think I’m explaining things clearly enough?

Will they feel competent by the end of the day?

Will they like me?!!

Sure enough, four wonderful ladies gave me a warm welcome – two nurses and two dentists. Quickly making small talk, some of us found common ground having trained in Manchester, where I obtained my dental degree.

The Schedule
The schedule was as follows (9am-6pm):

  • An introduction to Botox and filler
  • Demonstration on how to mix up Botox and setup the syringes
  • Botox demonstration and practice (using 3 models)
  • 1 hr lunch
  • Dermal Filler demonstration and practice (using 4 models)

How the day panned out
After a discussion and initial presentation about Botox and fillers we went through into the SkinViva clinic. Here I taught the delegates how to mix up Botox, whilst setting up the syringes for treatment – teaching them on how the gradients of insulin correlate to the units on the syringes.

It’s fair to say, it was an intense morning for both parties. So much to deliver! All in all though, it was helped by the delegates eagerness to learn and them having read all of their pre-course material.

I’d say the most successful part of the day came in the afternoon with our filler models – 2 nasolabial fold clients, 1 marionettes and 2 upper lip line models.

botox model manchesterIt’s fair to say the delegates took to filler like a duck to water! They maintained great anchors to secure themselves and keep themselves steady, remained calm throughout the treatment, aspirated with every injection and checked their depths perfectly. I was so proud it them all! We even had a positive aspiration – taking photographs to share with the SkinViva Trainee Network!!

The last model, Beverley, had a fantastic result. Although for me, the best thing was how pleased the delegates were to see Beverley’s reaction when she looked at her pre-op photo. At that point I thought, “brilliant! they get it, they see what this is all about’

Aimee’s Top Tip

“Something that I often practice when I’m treating a client is to think about what will happen if you put Botox in the wrong places. If you know what can go wrong, and why, then I think you’ll automatically be safer and avoid common mistakes – such as a droopy eyebrow.”

Final words

All in all, it was a fabulous first day. I definitely need to work on my time management, but to be fair to the group they came prepared with some challenging questions and kept me in my toes!

As one of the SkinViva doctors, I’m regularly carrying out treatments with clients. Injecting Botox and filler has now become second nature, so when someone asks you why you’re doing something, it really makes you think!

Thank you to my first delegates for being a wonderful group, I think we all learnt something today. I’m really excited to see how you all get on and the beautiful work you all do!

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