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Do I Need Level 7 To Carry On In Aesthetics?

2018 aestheticsIs this Qualification Needed from 2018?

In the latest on our series of articles on the new Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine, Business Development Director Lee Cottrill looks at whether Level 7 or equivalent will become essential for working in aesthetics in 2018 and beyond.

This is a question which has caused some concern in the industry. Lee separates myth from fact for those working in or considering training for BOTOX® and dermal fillers treatments.

Lee explains:

“Do I need Level 7 to carry on in aesthetics after 2018?

“No, you absolutely don’t – the HEE recommendations, although supported by SkinViva Training Academy, are voluntary at this stage with no current indication or plan for making them mandatory. SkinViva Training are aware however of a considerable amount of scaremongering taking place out there giving medical professionals the impression that you do need Level 7 by September 2018.

“So, where has this come from? It seems to me that there’s been some elaboration (or exaggeration if you please?) of the truth taking place with what was recommended by the Health Education England. Indeed, the Part One report states

“This paper summarises Health Education England (HEE)’s recommended qualification requirements for practitioners delivering cosmetic procedures”

“Furthermore, Part Two says:

“Although adoption of the new requirements will be voluntary at this stage, it is recommended that the qualification requirements be adopted as best practice and accepted is the standard that the industry should adopt to improve public safety and raise standards of practice and professionalism (Recommendation 1). It is also recommended that existing practitioners should be required to demonstrate that they meet the standards for those treatments which they wish to deliver and which are covered by the framework by September 2018 (Recommendation 2).”

“Needless to say, phrases like “Part Two of the 2016 HEE requirements gives the deadline of September 2018 for practitioners to complete this Level 7 qualification”, which appears in the marketing of at least one UK training provider, are slightly misleading to say the least and in my opinion are leading to a culture of fear which is driving reputable practitioners to panic and rush into undertaking further training.”

Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director

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by Lee Cottrill

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