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September 2018 ‘Deadline’ for Level 7 – Fake News?

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Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine

At SkinViva Training Academy, we’re committed to sharing the most transparent and accurate information regarding Level 7. 

We’ve had a couple of enquiries recently from delegates who’d been concerned about things they’ve read elsewhere, specifically things giving the impression that September 2018 is a compulsory deadline for practitioners to qualify with Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine.

This is something we’d like to tackle, to give our best and most honest perspective on the myths and fake news which are causing concern which at this stage is, in our view, unfounded.

SkinViva Training directors are well connected within the industry, for example, consulting for the forthcoming Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (due to go live in Jan 2018).

We are vigorously opposed to ‘fake news’ within aesthetics and remain committed to providing fair and transparent information to all our customers based on our appraisal of the facts.

September 2018 Deadline for L7 Cert Qualification?

What the HEE Say

The HEE reports do NOT state/enforce/require a deadline or for anyone to do anything by September 2018.

The report simply gives a recommendation to government (which they declined to statutorily regulate!) that everyone should comply by September 2018 (Recommendation 2).

The background to this is as follows:

  • In 2015 and 2016, Health Education England carried out a review of the non-surgical cosmetic interventions sector (aka aesthetics).  The review followed Sir Bruce Keogh’s previous review of the market which was published in April 2013
  • The HEE report consists of two reports.

The recommendation (not requirement) that came from the HEE review to government was that all practitioners should be required to obtain regulated qualifications by 2018. In response to the HEE review however, the government reiterated its position that it had no intentions at the present time to regulate the sector and this continues to be the case.

A quick way to validate this information is to open each report and do a ‘Ctrl + F’ to search for the phrase “2018”. You will find that:

  • No mentions of “2018” in the Part 1 report
  • 4 separate mentions of ‘2018’ in the Part 2 report.
    • None of these 4 x mentions however refer to compulsory qualifications
    • None of these 4 x mentions state a deadline of 2018
  • The sections relating to 2018 make a recommendation to government that

    “existing practitioners should be required to demonstrate that they meet the standards for those treatments which they wish to deliver and which are covered by the framework by September 2018.”

Government Regulation

Although the reports made recommendations pertaining to practitioner qualifications, the government declined to regulate the sector and as such all qualifications and membership to any registers such as Save Face, Treatments You Can Trust, and the JCCP remain voluntary.

What About The Future?

Clearly, we cannot predict the future but we can say for certain that there is no government appetite to regulate right now and therefore there is certainly no deadline/cutoff for existing practitioners in the marketplace for if they don’t have a particular qualification.

In the meantime, SkinViva Training recommend

  1. practitioners should consider registering with a body like the JCCP when it goes live in 2018
  2. we also recommend the Level 7 qualification

We suggest these actions as they both represent best practice. However, these are only our recommendations and there is no requirement and no current deadline for anyone to do so.

Should a future government decide to change its position, then a future deadline may well be given. However by that point you would have gained a considerable amount of experience which you would very likely be able to evidence as ‘recognition of prior learning’ which would exempt you from proportions of various qualifications.

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