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New and Improved – Practitioner Starter Kit 2018

SkinViva Training Academy has reviewed the contents of its popular Practitioner Starter Kit for 2018. The new improved kit now includes a laminated Emergency Reversal Protocol for dermal fillers.

The kit has been thoughtfully designed and compiled to provide delegates with everything they need to start practising in aesthetics. It looks professional and organised, but also includes essential equipment and paperwork.

The addition of the 11-step Emergency Reversal Protocol in a durable laminated means that any delegate buying the Starter Kit can be reassured that the vital reversal information is readily available should it be required – providing an extra dimension for peace of mind.

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Practitioner Starter Kit Inventory

SkinViva Training’s Aesthetic Practitioner Starter Kit was originally specified by Dr Tim Pearce, based on his own experience of working in the industry; and has evolved over the years to become every more comprehensive and indispensable.  It contains:

  1. 1 x large leather 1 lockable briefcase
  2. 1 x alcohol gel for hand sterilisation
  3. 1 x lightweight mirror
  4. 3 x packs alcohol pre-injection wipes
  5. 3 x packs absorbent post-injection swabs
  6. 30 x insulin needles (0.3 gauge) to inject botulinum toxin
  7. 5 x ‘BD Plastipak’ syringes 5ml (for drawing-up BOTOX® )
  8. 5 x ‘BD Microlance 3’ ‘blue needles’ to attach to drawing up syringes
  9. 1 x cooler bag
  10. 2 x water-10 filled ice blocks
  11. 2 x make-up pencil with built in sharpener
  12. 1 x pliers for opening botulinum toxin vials
  13. 1 x 11.5 litre sharps container
  14. 1 x 0.6 litre sharps container
  15. 3 x clinical waste plastic bags (yellow)
  16. 1 x plasic container for needles/swabs
  17. 1 x box of 100 Gloves (choice of sizes)
  18. 1 x plasic wallet for admin pack
  19. 1 x set of admin paperwork, consisting of:
    • 1 x ‘Dear delegate’
    • 10 x treatment planner
    • 10 x BOTOX® aftercare
    • 10 x dermal fillers aftercare
    • 10 x consent forms
  20. 1 x SkinViva Training pen
  21. 1 x clipboard
  22. 1 x set of dermal filler
    • 1 x Juvéderm® ULTRA 3
    • 1 x Juvéderm® ULTRA 2
    • 1 x Juvéderm® ULTRA Smile
  23. 1 x laminated reversal protocol


Video: Dr Tim Pearce Introduces the Starter Kit

Purchase a Starter Kit

If you’ve already booked or been on a SkinViva Training course, or are a medical professional you can arrange to purchase a Practitioner Starter Kit for collection in person or via courier from our SkinViva Training Head Office.  Please call or email for more information.

Special Offer January 2018

Right now, there is £100 off the starter kit for any delegates booking a course for January 2018. See course dates and availability. Courses can be booked online, then contact us direct to order your starter kit by phone 0161 850 2491 or email at

This offer ends 31st January 2018.

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SkinViva Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatment training courses for medical professionals such as suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures. For more information, please feel to browse our latest availability.

SkinViva Training Academy was established by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP in 2013 after he set up SkinViva in 2008 – an aesthetic treatment business which now covers the North West of England.

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