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#InternationalDayOfHappiness – Spreading the Message

lip enhancement courseToday is the International Day of Happiness! This was set up by the United Nations in 2012 and is now being celebrated annually on this day all around the world.

It was originally conceptualised by the activist Jayme Illien, who believed that the pursuit of happiness is not only a human right but also a ‘fundamental human goal’. That is something that we can definitely agree with here at SkinViva Training.

It’s so important for us all to try our hardest in everything that we do in spreading happiness into the lives of others.

What is the main goal at SkinViva?

Happiness plays a large role at SkinViva. We aim to bring happiness and joy to people’s lives through rejuvenation and restoration. Our treatments help people love themselves by simply enhancing their natural beauty. We do not believe that somebody needs to completely change themselves to bring happiness into their life.  Yet if something is making somebody feel unlike their usual self, this is where we can help.

So how are we spreading happiness at SkinViva Training?

SkinViva Training allows us to share the skill and artistry that our Doctor and Dentist-led team practice every day in our own clinic. Carrying out around 500 injectable treatments per month, they truly are the best of the best. Our aim is to introduce new people to this amazing industry and help them feel confident and empowered to create their own platform.

‘We’re super proud to have created the most caring, sharing and most of all safe environment to gain the practical skills and core knowledge required to consult your patients effectively and inject safely using the very latest techniques.’

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This is important as without this support system many people would feel too scared of taking that initial leap and trying something new. This in turn helps create a growing medical aesthetic industry that is thriving every day. This knowledge is what makes the SkinViva Training Academy team happiest.

‘The SkinViva Training Academy team prides itself on delivering exemplary standards of clinical training providing a well-balanced mix of hands-on practical experience with informative, well-structured theory and rigorous assessment.’ Simply knowing that clinicians are walking away from our clinic feeling more confident than to when they entered brings a smile to our faces.

But how is this message being spread beyond the training sessions?

Yes, we are directly spreading happiness within the Training School, but this is also happening once our delegates leave. The main reason for this is down to our incredible SkinViva Trainee Network.

It can be a very slow and cautious journey with many taking this new skill in medical aesthetics on as part of their existing job. Sometimes one day a week in the clinic is not enough for people to build up their confidence in line with the pace they want to grow at.

The SkinViva Trainee Network is a private forum where people who have already trained with us, as well as people who are currently training, can contact each other provide to information and share their knowledge. We’re raising the bar for the aesthetics sector, but most importantly we’re doing it together as one big team. Staying connected is what makes us stronger and unique to any other options out there.

It is best described as ‘a supportive and very active community for after the course – we use Facebook to provide a secure environment where recent delegates get their questions answered & continue to get the support they need’. This ensures that confidence and happiness is a constant cycle within SkinViva Training.


It is so important to us that the people leave our school feeling confident in their skills. This means that the benefits of the industry can be put into practice all over the world. From this, thousands of clients get to enjoy the benefits of our treatments in a safe and professional environment. If in the rare case anything were to go wrong, that clinician would have the help of thousands of others within the click of the button.

Our network is helping to spread the many positive messages around the medical aesthetic industry. These especially need to be highlighted in a world where today there is so much controversy around the topic. Ultimately, our vision is ‘to redefine what people expect from medical aesthetics.’

So now you know what makes us happiest at Skinviva Training, how are you going to inspire people and make them happy? Let us know!

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