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Do you need aesthetics training to prescribe BOTOX?

BOTOX insuranceby Fiona Macaskill

Sales Consultant

Many of our delegates ask whether you need aesthetics training in order to prescribe BOTOX (botulinum toxin). 

SkinViva Training’s Sales Consultant, Fiona Macaskill, has put together this essential information blog in order to share her experience and research with the major insurers.

A hot topic that is constantly bubbling up around our delegates is:

“Do you need aesthetics training to prescribe BOTOX®?”

It seems there’s a lot of conflicting & confusing information circulating, so I thought it was time we stirred the pot and identified the key ingredients for the perfect ‘prescriber/non-prescriber relationship’.  Ensuring everyone is practising in a safe, fully compliant environment.

So ‘Do you need aesthetics training to prescribe BOTOX®?

The simple answer is: “yes” – whether just prescribing &/or administering treatment, insurance companies always expect a practitioner to be “trained, competent and indemnified for the work they undertake”.

Let’s break this down a little:

If you are a prescriber and you are also a trained Aesthetics Practitioner, you will already have the practical training required to tick all the relevant boxes. In addition, if you’ve continued your training onto advanced courses, then your ability to prescribe across advanced treatments is likely to be appropriate also.

Importantly, if a prescriber (who is not practising in aesthetics), is working to support another practitioner, it’s a requirement that the prescriber has also received adequate direct aesthetics training as wellThis protects them in the event of a claim – as ultimately the prescriber is accountable for the medicine and the patient outcome- so you need to know how to deal with any unexpected complication. (Best practice is, you should only prescribe up to the level of your aesthetics knowledge and training).

What constitutes “adequate direct aesthetics training?”

Confusion often arises here because different aesthetics insurers have varying positions on this!

Some insurers state that an online course (or eLearning course) is enough to provide knowledge, whereas other insurers state that practical training is required due to the importance of dealing with complications.

I can’t stress enough that prescribers need to check with their own insurance company before prescribing in aesthetics, to ensure the criteria are met!

To be very clear on the two leading aesthetics insurance brokers, both Cosmetic Insure and Hamilton Fraser believe that a prescriber should have practical ‘hands on’ training, even if they are not planning on practising themselves, before they can prescribe for another aesthetics practitioner.

If a complication occurs, prescribers are accountable and therefore theory & practical training is needed to gain insurance.

Can a prescriber train with an online/e-learning course instead of a practical course?

Yes – if they have checked with their insurance company first and they say it’s valid!

However, although e-learning is a fantastic way of building & refreshing knowledge, ‘hands on’ will always be the best way to ensure you have all the essential knowledge to prescribe for the procedures you are involved with & this is every insurers preferred option & for some insurers, the only option!

What about prescribing for more advanced BOTOX® treatments such as excessive sweating or migraines?

Again, this can be a tricky area that every individual prescriber needs to check directly – as it could be dependent on the prescriber’s background.

Insurers don’t always specifically state that a you should have attended a practical course in these topics – but you would have to demonstrate a ‘knowledge’ if challenged and the easiest way to do this for most prescribers would be to produce a training certificate covering that area.

Always ask these questions – before you start to prescribe in aesthetics:

  • How much experience do you have as a prescriber?
  • What direct aesthetics training do you have?
  • Is this e-learning or practical experience and is it of a sufficient standard for you to feel confident & knowledgeable in the area of BOTOX® you are prescribing for?
  • What does your particular insurer say?

The Ultimate question should always be:

  • “If there was a claim against you as a prescriber, could you provide enough evidence that you were trained and competent in what you were doing & was it policy perfect’ with your insurer?”.

I’m always happy to chat if you have any more questions on this or other topics – Call Fiona on 0161 850 2491

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