What's it like to be a model at SkinViva Training Academy Manchester?

What’s it like to be a model at SkinViva Training?

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a model at SkinViva Training Manchester? Well we’ll fill you in with all the facts!

Do you want to be a model because you want access to incredible treatments at incredible prices? Then we can confirm you’re definitely at the right place.

Watch this video of a Live model treatment to give you a bit of insight of what it’s like to model for Skinviva Training on one of our training days.

We put the model (YOU) first!

It is important to us that you enjoy the experience from start to finish. A happy model makes us happy.

It is also very important to say that you are not treated as guinea pigs.

You are part of a very valuable experience in helping medical professionals from all over the world become the best they can be, and we will always be grateful for that.

This means that you are treated no differently from a regular SkinViva client. You have all the same treatment options and as similar an experience as possible.

We love it because a lot of our models are regulars and have really gotten to know some of our staff too?

Safety is always a priority during treatment

We are aware that many people have questions about being a model because of the idea that they are being performed on by trainees.

SkinViva Training Academy Manchester only train medical professionals, many of which are very experienced in administering injections.

As well as this, all the training and injections are watched over by one of our very own clinicians.

Dr Tim says ‘’we literally are watching every millimetre of the injections they do’’.

He also teaches every trainee to aspirate for extra caution and preventing going into an artery.

AMAZING results in Botox and Dermal Fillers

Being a model at SkinViva Training means you have exclusive access to amazing results.

There are so many options available so you can always try out a new treatment.

You should leave our clinic feeling 100% happy and excited about showing off your treatment.

If for any reason you are not happy, you are entitled to a free follow up appointment with one of our very own clinicians.

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Being a model means you get to have top quality treatments at a discounted price.

On top of that, you get to join the referral scheme and save money on treatments by referring friends or family.

If you follow the Facebook page you will also be kept up to date with all the latest information.

How do I become a model?

So, unfortunately you can’t just ring up and choose a date and time that suits you.

You have to be free during one of our specific training days that run 4 times a week.

If you ring us or drop us a message, a member of our Customer Service team will discuss the details and help book you in.

To get in touch about being a model please call us on 0161 850 2491 or email models@skinvivatraining.com.

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