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#TreatmentTalk – Nose to Mouth lines

Nose to Mouth line treatment is definitely one of our most popular and sought-after treatments AND we have SO many model slots in each month for it too!

What are Nose to Mouth lines?

Nose to Mouth lines are the shadows that form between the nose and mouth. They are also described as Nasolabial Folds.

nose to mouth lines treatment

How do you get Nose to Mouth lines?

This can be caused for several reasons such as genetics or certain movements. They can also start to appear as we age due to the support from our cheeks lessening.

Despite being a good thing, repeated smiling and laughing can also cause deepening of nose to mouth lines.

Deep creases can appear that can be very noticeable and create the impression of a downwards droop.

Softening and removing the shadows can stop the distractions and allow the beautiful features to shine through, such as the eyes, lips and most importantly, your smile!

How do we get rid of Nose to Mouth lines?

The way we get rid of Nose to Mouth lines is by carefully placing Dermal Filler injections that will lift and fill the lines out instantly.

The result will last between 6-18 months depending on whether you get the standard or premium product and on your lifestyle.

Can it be mixed with other treatments?

This treatment works really well in combination with Cheek Enhancement treatment.

This is because the filler can push upwards and lift the skin from above.

This looks better than just treating the filler on its own as it treats the entire face as one.

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