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Business Development Director Welcomes New Cadaveric Course

Expanded Scope of Training

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SkinViva Training’s new Cadaveric Master Class course marks a new strand to the leading medical aesthetics training provider’s range of courses. 

The course has been designed to complement the company’s well-established cosmetic injections courses, which now span from foundation to advanced level, giving delegates a start in the industry and enabling them to build on their expertise to expand their businesses.

The Cadaveric Master Class course has been designed to promote a deeper understanding of the facial anatomy which they are working with, in order to carry out safe and effective treatments with a high degree of competency and understanding.

Business Development Director Lee Cottrill explains more about the unique nature of the course.

“As SkinViva have been developing this course, It’s been totally fascinating talking to Dr Tim and Dr Ansar about the benefits of undertaking this type of training.

“Often injectors spend time training, to add more wonderful skills to their tool kit , to move their business forward & be able to respond to the needs of their clientele – which is obviously very important.  But this course is about even more than that – it’s also about making you an excellent, intuitive & confident practitioner.  A practitioner who has an excellent understanding of what it ‘looks like’ as well as ‘feels like’ – to inject through the different layers of the face.

“Ansar Mahmood, who is a trauma surgeon was explaining to me that as a surgeon you develop strong muscle memory when working on the human body.  Because you can visualise what you are doing as you are working on, so you can see & feel what is right and wrong.

“This leads to a much more confident approach with clients and demystifies some of the common complication worries, because you understand what causes them and how to avoid them!  Creating strong mental pictures of the face, it’s layers, its common variants, watching what happens in reality when you inject filler into an area and then Hyalase filler, is first-hand knowledge that you won’t easily forget as you are learning to be the best you can be – you will be able to draw on it, when you most need it.

“Whether you choose to do Day 1, watching prosecting and injecting and asking all the questions of Dr Tim & Dr Ansar, that you’ve been considering for ages or getting fully ‘hands on’ with Day 1 & 2, this will be a rare learning experience which will stay with you throughout your aesthetics career!”

Lee Cottrill

Business Development Director

Introductory Video

Cadaveric Master Class

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SkinViva Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatment training courses for medical professionals such as suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures. For more information, please feel to browse our latest availability.

SkinViva Training Academy was established by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP in 2013 after he set up SkinViva in 2008 – an aesthetic treatment business which now covers the North West of England.

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