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JCCP Update from the Latest Stakeholders Meeting

jccp logoAesthetic clinicians are watching with great interest the emergence of professional bodies and guidelines.

As SkinViva Training representatives attend the stakeholder meetings for the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), we are able to share the latest information and ‘insiders’ insights.

The information below is based on the latest JCCP meeting and shows the ongoing development of this body, which we believe has potential to be quite influential within the aesthetics industry.

Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) Update

3 Training Schools Are Now Approved by JCCP

The first 3 training schools now formally approved by the JCCP are:

  • The Harley Academy, London – for the delivery of the IQ approved Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine. SkinViva is in partnership with Harley Academy for the delivery of the Level 7.
  • Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne – for the delivery of a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Non-Surgical Aesthetic Practice (Modality: Toxins and fillers).
  •  Sally Durant Aesthetic Education and Training, West Midlands – for the delivery of the CIBTAC Level 4 Certificate in Micro-Needling (CSDC03).

Beauty Therapists No Longer Eligible to Register for Injectable Procedures

Beauty therapists/non-medical persons have been removed from being able to access the register for injectable procedures on the basis it’s now accepted that these procedures are not suitable for non-medical persons.

The JCCP is still a JOINT council for other procedures which are administered by both medical and non-medical persons e.g. skin-needling

Professional Regulators

JCCP are strengthening their agreements with the professional regulators where the Council has been extremely welcomed.

A tangible example of where this might be effective in day-to-day lives of HCPs is through fitness to practise hearings (e.g. following a patient complaint) whereby, for malpractice investigations relating to aesthetics treatments, it would be taken into account if a practitioner had taken all necessary measures to look after the interests of the patient including registering with the JCCP in the interests of safety and verifiable competence.

This has yet to be confirmed but is part of the wider strategy of the JCCP to provide strong incentive for all HCPs to get registered and adhere to the Council’s standards.

New Junior Minister Responsible for Cosmetic Regulation

A new junior minister at the DoH (Department of Health), Jackie Doyle-Price, has cosmetic regulation as part of her portfolio.

Coincidentally or not, the appointment of Ms Doyle-Price happened shortly after Antonia Maraconda met with the Prime Minister to raise awareness of ‘Safety in Beauty’ earlier this year, which suggests ministers may once again be listening to the concern of lobbying groups for government-based change. It is now thought by some that statutory regulation in the sector may once again be in the early days of consideration.

SkinViva Training to Apply as JCCP Education and Training Provider

The SkinViva Directors have agreed that SkinViva Training will soon apply to be an education and training provider of the JCCP. A spokesperson explained:

“We believe in this body as the best current chance of achieving the ultimate goal of statutory regulation.”

Timelines are yet to be agreed for application, but the process is likely to take months not weeks.

JCCP Practitioner Register

The JCCP register for individual practitioners opened in June and gradually applications are increasing for the various treatment modalities covered by the Council.

Reduced Rates?

As part of SkinViva Training applying to be a training provider, our intention is to negotiate a significantly reduced price for any practitioners/students that are associated with us who may choose to apply.

Requirements of Registration

Practitioners wishing to be on the JCCP register for injectables would have two years to EITHER:

  1. Complete an approved Level 7 qualification from scratch (the SkinViva and Harley Academy Level 7 is one example of an approved Level 7 qualification)
  2. Obtain a Level 7 qualification via the ‘FastTrack‘ route of submitting evidence of your experience to-date (and so exempting you from doing the full qualification)
  3. Attending a JCCP assessment centre to have your competence in injectables formally assessed and approved to go onto the register

Do I Have To???

At this stage, there is no requirement for anyone to do anything in relation to the JCCP.

We suggest that anyone working in the industry should keep themselves up to date and we will continue to issue JCCP updates.


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