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Save Face Publishes Aesthetics Complaints Data

Consumer Complaints

save face logoNew data published by independent accreditation body Save Face has shown nearly 1,000 consumer complaints about aesthetic treatments in 2017-18. 

The data highlights the need for better training and regulation in the industry, as it revealed that 83% of the complaints related to treatments carried out by non-medical practitioners (beauticians, hairdressers and lay people).

Of the 939 total complaints received, the breakdown showed that over half of which related to dermal fillers:

  • 616 complaints following dermal filler treatment
    • 213 relating to swollen/bruised lips after lip fillers
    • 156 complaints related to lumps and nodules in the lips after fillers
    • 6 cases of vascular occlusion or impending necrosis
  • 224 complaints following botulinum toxin treatment
    • 86 cases of bruising/swelling
    • 57 cases of asymmetrical results
    • 38 cases of no result
    • 23 drooping eyelid/eyebrow
    • 16 looked ‘too frozen’
    • 4 cases of blurred vision

The report also showed a worrying picture for BOTOX® and botulinum toxin treatments:

  • 68% of complainants had not had face-to-face consultation with a prescriber
  • 76% did not know botulinum toxin was a prescription only medicine
  • 11% of treatments took place at a ‘party’


complaintsThe Save Face report also reviewed how complications were handled:

  • 226 people were ignored by the practitioner who had treated them
  • 387 had corrective procedures by other practitioners
  • 27 went to their GP
  • 11 went to A&E

The Save Face report concludes:

“Treatments carried out by laypeople or unaccountable practitioners often means there is no redress for patients when things go wrong”

For further information, see the full report at

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