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How to communicate complications to clients

Complications aren’t a fun experience for both the injector or the client. However, they do happen, and it is important to be prepared for them.

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In Episode 24 of the Aesthetics Mastery podcast, Dr Tim Pearce and Dr Adam Cheong of SkinViva Training Academy Manchester discussed how it is best to communicate potential complications to clients.

You can listen to the full episode “How To Communicate Complications To Clients” here or watch on YouTube.

4 tips for communicating complications to clients

  1. Be confident that you know your stuff
    “If you look at how toxins work, we know what they do. They trim off one receptor in the nerve terminal and that stops the message getting through. There’s nothing to do with the rest of the neuron that we know of”, Dr Tim Pearce.
    The same as Dr Tim, you know your stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t be in this industry. If you repeatedly say this to yourself, you will eventually believe it. This will ensure you appear naturally confident to your clients.
  2. Make sure you brief everything beforehand
    “Just having the conversation can protect you”, Dr Tim Pearce
    Make sure you build in a conversation about complications within your consultation and consent process. That way, in the event of a complication happening, you can refer to what you spoke about pre-treatment. And the patient will feel more reassured on what to expect.
  3. Display professionalism and confidence
    “If you look like you’re anxious then your client definitely will be more anxious”
  4. Know the facts and don’t be scare mongered
    “There is more chance of having anaphylaxis to medication prescribed by your GP than going blind from filler”, Dr Tim Pearce. Think of this situation the same as if someone buys some Paracetamol. The small print side effects are endless. You know the likelihood of something going wrong is slim, so don’t let them scare you.

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