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DHSC release Patient Safety Campaign; what is it?

The DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) has a brand-new Patient Safety campaign, which is aimed to give advice and guidance to consumer’s who are considering cosmetic procedures.

DHSS patient safety graphic

Dr. Felicity from SkinViva Training comments:

“As a company we are looking to raise the bar in the standards of aesthetics, we would welcome any regulation that improves safety for our clients.”

Key point to take from this are;

  • Consultation – an in-depth consultation to find out if the treatment will have a benefit on the patients life.
  • Psychologically – is your patient prepared for the procedure, is it going cause more problems than resolve any.
  • Hygiene – these are the basic things like washing your hands, making sure needles are sterile, etc.
  • Pressure – don’t pressure yourself too much or pressure the patient into a treatment.

Royal London Hospital Case Study

The Royal London Hospital carried out a recent study where they found a six-fold rise from 2013 to 2018 in cases needing urgent follow-up care from procedures undertaken abroad, costing the hospital over £63,000.

This study demonstrates how much this campaign is needed to help improve the Safety standards in the Aesthetics Industry.

How is this relevant to SkinViva Training?

The Patient Safety Campaign from the DHSC covers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, two things it is specifically focusing on for this campaign is Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers treatments.

At SkinViva Training Academy, we offer training to people with a medical career background (healthcare professionals) who are interested in starting an Aesthetic career.

It is our job to ensure that we pass on the importance of Patient Safety and a thorough consultation process to understand how you can benefit a client’s life to everyone we train.

What are we doing about Patient Safety?

The below set of principles are passed onto everyone we train and we offer continuous support via our private SkinViva Trainee Network.

  1. All our treatment rooms are supplied with the correct equipment, such as sharp bins, hand wash stations, gloves of all sizes and most importantly emergency kits in case of any complications.
  2.  Our pre-questionnaire is used to determine what exact treatment they want, what we can offer them and whether it would be safe for our clinicians to carry out a treatment.
  3. The risks and complications are thoroughly explained to the client so psychologically they are prepared for the things that can go wrong with their treatment.
  4. They are asked to sign consent forms, so we know that they fully understand the risks with these complicated procedures.
  5. Once the treatment has begun whilst we are injecting, we ALWAYS ASPIRATE, this allows us to comfortably carry out the procedure knowing we have avoided all the possible risks we can.
  6. After the treatment, we make sure our client is 100% happy with the look they now have, again making sure they have got the service they want. Whilst also assessing for complications if they still aren’t happy, we can also resolve the issue before they leave that day and we follow up with each client two weeks after their treatment.

The Patient Safety campaign is getting continued support from important people in the industry, such as, Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price;

“Many people do not think fully about the consequences – both physical and mental – of having a cosmetic procedure. These are serious treatments, and you should think carefully before you leap in. I am particularly worried about people seeking treatments which are unsuitable for them, or who are not prepared for the mental health impact of an aesthetic change. But we also need people to do their homework on the company or individual carrying out the procedure – if a deal looks too good to be true, then do not be afraid to walk away. The consequences of botched procedures can be dreadful.”

Here at SkinViva Training we completely support this campaign as it is vital in making sure Patient Safety is made the top priority for all cosmetic procedures!

Are you also supporting this campaign?

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