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Hyaluronidase Update: Stock issues

Since the beginning of May, there has been a shortage of Hyaluronidase 1,500 i/u 10 x 1ml ampoules, with a number of prescribers in the U.K. being out of stock.

A detriment for safe aesthetic practitioners everywhere, with many now unable to administer dermal filler treatments as they are unable to access Hyalase.

When will Hyaluronidase be back in stock?

SkinViva Training Academy, have received the following comments from Wockhardt, the manufacturers of hyalase:

“We currently have a full batch of Hyaluronidase 1,500 i/u 10 x 1ml ampoules produced. This batch requires some further work before it can be released for distribution to the wholesalers authorised to stock Prescription Only Medicines. 

“We hope to be in a position to release the batch by end of May 2019 but please do contact us for an update nearer the time as the situation may change”

Will the Hyaluronidase stock be enough for everyone?

Wockhardt has confirmed the upcoming batch of Hyaluronidase 1,500 i/u 10 x 1ml ampoules will be enough to meet everyone’s demand.

Where can I get Hyalase from now?

Hyaluronidase is a prescription-only drug – meaning you will need a prescriber to acquire the product for your practice.

when will hyaluronidase be back instock?

In the SkinViva Trainee Network, there have been a number of threads where practitioners are asking other members on the availability of hyalase.

On the last update in our network, Primed Pharmacy had stock of Hyaluronidase 1,500 i/u 10 x 1ml ampoules.

If you would like to join our precribers list click here:

Why has Hyaluronidase been out of stock?

Sources have confirmed that the latest batch (coming at the end of May) has been in quarantine for a longer than expected, having a knock-on effect

Many practitioners have lost business – in particular, new clinicians starting out in medical aesthetics who haven’t yet built a network or relationship with prescribers in their area and are therefore unable to start honing in on their new skill.

Have you been affected? Or do you know of any stockists of Hyalase to share with concerned practitioners? Comment below.

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