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Cosmetic Injections Careers For Reality TV Stars

Cosmetic Injections Training

TOWIE Lauren Goodger is the latest reality TV star to launch a career in cosmetic treatments. 

Inspired by her own experiences having fillers herself, she has decided to embark on a career doing cosmetic injections. She went on a training course in Essex to learn how to inject dermal fillers and has shared her journey on Instagram. She told the Daily Mirror

“I have a good eye for this stuff and can’t wait make you all beautiful #mircoblading #filler #tan #makeup.”


Lauren is not the first reality TV star to go into carrying out cosmetic treatments as a career. Earlier this year Rykard Jenkins – Love Island 2017 alumnus – shared images of himself training to become an aesthetic practitioner administering fillers and also BOTOX® – a prescription only medicine.


Should Non-Medics Be Allowed To Inject Filler?

Aesthetic Clinicians (those with medical qualifications) have spoken out about their fears about the lack of regulation in the industry, but the law is yet to change and in the meantime, the industry remains unregulated.

In principle, there is nothing to stop any person carrying out filler injections or even BOTOX®, providing a prescription has been obtained for the client. It is legal to carry out cosmetic injections without any formal qualifications and there are no laws to control who carries out cosmetic treatments.

However, the short training courses for non-medics can not be compared to those designed for those qualified medical professionals who are building on previous knowledge and experience.

Having medical qualifications gives a greater understanding and is better preparation not only for learning new skills but also for managing the risk that things may go wrong.

Cosmetic Courses for Medical Professionals

SkinViva Training ONLY offer training for suitably qualified and registered medical professionals (e.g. doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists).

Working exclusively with medical professionals means:

  • We are protecting the best interests of clients
  • We are ‘raising the bar’ in the aesthetics industry
  • Courses is designed to build on existing qualifications
  • Training is faster and more efficient as it works at a high level
  • Delegates study and learn with medical peers, forming invaluable connections for ongoing support

We regularly refuse training for people from other walks of life because it does not fit with our philosophy and policy.

See entry requirements and training criteria.

SkinViva Training Academy Manchester

SkinViva Training Ltd offer a range of professional training courses for cosmetic and medical skin treatments. Their courses in cosmetic treatments directed at suitably qualified medical professionals* who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures (*subject to meeting SkinViva Training’s entry criteria).

See our full list of forthcoming training course dates.

SkinViva Training Academy was established in 2013 by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP. The SkinViva Training Academy team upholds high standards of clinical training providing a combination of fully-supervised practical experience together with essential theory.

For further information, to discuss which course is right for you, to enquire about availability or to book a training course please call 0161 850 2491, or email

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