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Beauty Industry Association Warns Against Non-Medical Practitioners

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The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) has released a statement to warn the public about the dangers of having injectable cosmetic treatments from non-medically trained injectors.

The association is keen to raise awareness among beauty professionals and the general public of the key facts of cosmetic treatments that pose safety risks:

  • Toxin is a prescribed drug
  • Dermal filler is dangerously unregulated

The warning comes amid concerns about the rise of untrained influencers, reality TV stars and beauty therapists providing injectable treatments without the training or equipment necessary to handle any problems that could occur.

BABTAC has released a photos of a medical emergency kit to make patients aware of the equipment required. This underlines the medical nature of cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments and gives the public more knowledge with which to question and challenges the credentials of untrained injectors. The emergency kit picture includes:

  • EpiPen in case of serious allergic reactions
  • 1 ml adrenaline in case of serious allergic reactions
  • 10mg chlorphenamine antihistamine in case of allergic reactions
  • 1500 IU hyaluronidase enzymes to catalyse degradation of hyaluronic acid fillers

These items are not available to practitioners who are not medically qualified, so BABTAC are suggesting that patients check whether their practitioner has the necessary kit or not. They are also raising awareness of the risks of using an unqualified injector and stressing the importance of medical background, specialist training, appropriate insurance and good aftercare.

Lesley Blair, chair of BABTAC and CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), says:

“Both as an insurer and as an industry body on a mission to raise standards in the beauty sector, BABTAC does not condone these fast-track courses that are increasingly being taken by influencers to administer injectables.

“We believe medical grade training is essential to safely carry out these procedures and to ensure the professional is able to act in the event of any complications.

“If you can’t prescribe an antidote if necessary, you shouldn’t be administering injectables. Anything less than that puts patients at serious risk.”

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