Why Aesthetics Could Be a Great Choice for a Career Change

Why Aesthetics Could Be a Great Choice for a Career Change

For many people, the situation over the last few months has prompted a lot of reflection on their careers. Having additional time to think about whether you enjoy your job and whether it fulfils your career aspirations might have motivated you to make changes in your life and develop new skills and maybe start up your own business.

If you are a medical professional with an interest in beauty from a clinical perspective, then a career in aesthetics could be the right pathway for you. As well as providing the opportunity to set up your own profitable business, aesthetics professionals get a great sense of job satisfaction by helping patients to improve their wellbeing with high quality, safe service developed through expert training.

SkinViva Training Academy offerss medical professionals the opportunity to train in all aspects of aesthetics to become experts in the field, with courses from foundation to advanced level. The Mastery Programme is ideal for medical professionals that want to make the transition into this work, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to become a Master Clinician.

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The comprehensive training programme consists of 5 core clinical pillars:


  1. Foundation Sciences (Detailed anatomy, physiology and product science)
  2. Art & Science of Aesthetics (Learning aesthetic goals of the whole face)
  3. Technique (Developing precise technique and treatment design)
  4. Complications (Protecting patients from injuries)
  5. Wellbeing (Identifying patients who will psychologically benefit from treatment)


The Aesthetics Mastery Programme involves a wide range of components, including 7 practical courses, online tuition, mentoring from Dr Tim and coaching. The programme also covers business and marketing training that will ensure you can easily set up your business and find your set of clients.


SkinViva also provides a profitability calculator, to help you to understand whether it is the right career change option for you. Making such a big decision is not easy but the calculator should provide you with the reassurance that it will work for you, along with the confidence you will get from the quality of the training programme.


Why Choose SkinViva Training?

The programme has been developed by the best specialists in the business, with our clinic completing around 350 appointments each month. SkinViva is approved by insurers and has excellent post-training support to help clinicians throughout their entire journey to running a successful aesthetics business.

Eyelash Serum eLearningAnother reason that SkinViva Training Academy is a good option for people contemplating a career change, is that you can spread the cost of training with interest-free payments, rather than paying for the training upfront.


If you would like to find out more about the exciting opportunity to train with SkinViva, take a look at this quick video from Dr Tim that outlines the key benefits of the Aesthetics Mastery Programme:


Watch video.


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