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How to Set Up Your Own Aesthetics Clinic


As a medical practitioner, your background and training open up a number of interesting business opportunities, one of which is to set up your own aesthetics clinic. The aesthetics industry has experienced huge growth in recent years, which is why it is an attractive option for medical professionals looking to increase their income or make a complete job switch to find a better work-life balance.

Opening an aesthetics clinic is an ideal business prospect for medically trained individuals who want to put their energy into an exciting venture, becoming their own boss and having the flexibility and freedom that comes with that. It can be the perfect option for people looking for a new career challenge, who want to be able to help clients to improve their mental wellbeing and really make a difference through their work.

What do you need to get started?

become-an-aesthetics-clinicianWith your medical qualifications, you are already halfway towards having everything you need to set up and run a successful aesthetics clinic. This is what else you will require:

Training and qualifications

While the aesthetics industry is not highly regulated; reputable, high-quality aesthetics clinicians are qualified to the highest standard. By ensuring that your clinic has highly trained clinicians, you are offering safer and more professional aesthetics procedures compared to many other clinics. This will give your business the edge over competitors, attracting clients who are sensible enough to only have a procedure performed by fully trained clinicians in a safe environment.

At SkinViva, our Aesthetics Mastery Programme provides the highest level of training and as well as covering key aspects such as precise technique and treatment design, the Mastery Programme also equips learners with the tools and knowledge from a business management perspective.

Business requirements

The course includes modules on innovation, marketing and administration to ensure that businesses are set up legally and properly, with the right marketing strategy in place to drive the business forward.

This includes guidance on how to register your company, set up marketing channels such as your website and social media accounts and many other essential business processes. It also covers industry-specific requirements such as setting up the right level of insurance, registering with an aesthetics pharmacy for supplies and what you need to have in your emergency kit.

Who is the Mastery Programme suitable for?

The programme is perfect for medical professionals looking to get a better work-life balance, either working from their own clinic or doing mobile work or partnering with an existing business. Once you have completed the Aesthetics Mastery Programme, you will also have access to continued support and the long-term networking opportunities that are included when you choose to work with SkinViva Training.

Find out more about the SkinViva Aesthetics Mastery Programme and take your first steps towards setting up your own aesthetics clinic.

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