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Marketing Tips for Your Aesthetics Business

When you set up your own business, there can be a lot of work involved that you do not have much experience in, and marketing is often an area that people setting up new businesses find to be a challenge. Your marketing strategy will have a big influence on how successful your business is, as it is the key to getting customers in the door and paying for your services.

However, you do not need to be a marketing specialist to be able to develop an effective marketing strategy. When you look at how most aesthetics businesses operate, their marketing channels are all very similarly set up. As long as you get the basics right, you should be able to create a powerful enough marketing strategy to generate lots of leads.

Here is what you should include in the marketing strategy for your aesthetics business:


Set up a professional website

professional aesthetics website

The most popular way for people to find a business today is to search for the service they need on the internet and find the website to find more information about the company to decide whether it is the one they want to use. So, having a website that describes your services and has clear contact details is very important.


Create social media accounts and posts

 Instagram for aesthetics business

Aesthetics is an industry that can really leverage the power of social media, with the typical customer demographics being people who tend to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms. Setting up accounts for these platforms is free to do and then you just need to keep posting regular content such as before and after photos.


Build a catalogue of before and after photos


Start collecting good quality before and after photos that show the best results of your treatments. These photos play a significant part in persuading potential customers how good the treatment is and why they should choose your clinic. Once you have some good before and after photos, start using them on your social media and website.


Paid ads

Google Adwords

Paying for Google and Facebook to display ads for your business can be really worthwhile and you are only paying each time someone clicks on the ad, so this is likely to generate a good amount of business for you.


Invest in your branding

 Invest in your branding

Spending a bit of money on your branding will give your business a professional impression. So, your business logo should be professionally designed, then used on outdoor signage and uniforms, as well as on your website and social media.

Your area of expertise is in aesthetics and you probably do not have much experience in marketing, so you will need to develop a basic understanding of the marketing principles and techniques that will work best.

The SkinViva Aesthetics Mastery Programme includes a course on business growth and marketing, as well as innovation and business administration, so it is the perfect place to help get you started.

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