SkinViva Training Celebrates International Women’s Day

SkinViva Training Celebrates International Women’s Day

SkinViva - International Women's Day

As a leading aesthetics training provider, we are proud to be able to support women in pursuing successful and rewarding careers in an industry that is thriving. Across a wide range of other industries, women face unfair challenges to progress and often find that they are at a disadvantage to their male peers. With International Women’s Day taking place on 8 March 2021, we wanted to highlight the benefits of a career in the aesthetics industry and share some tips on running a successful business. SkinViva has delivered training to hundreds of women who have been able to achieve their career dream of becoming their own boss and being a business owner.


Why choose a career in aesthetics?

The aesthetics industry has continued to grow in recent years, with the combination of advanced aesthetics technology and highly skilled clinicians at the heart of this growth. Aesthetics treatments play a very important role in helping to improve people’s wellbeing and there is a need for this even more than ever right now, so the industry is expected to continue to flourish.

This makes it the ideal industry for medical professionals to use their qualifications, boosted by our exceptional aesthetics and business training to open their own aesthetics clinic. When you set up your own aesthetics business, you set your own goals and work to your own priorities. 

For some, that means putting all of your efforts into driving profits that allow you to live a more luxurious lifestyle. For others, it might be that they want to spend more time with their family and have more flexible working hours. That is the beauty of being your own boss, you make your own rules!


How to become an aesthetics business owner

Whatever level of career ambitions you have, the SkinViva Aesthetics Mastery Programme can help you to achieve your dreams by setting up and running a successful aesthetics clinic. The programme includes exclusive mentoring sessions from the renowned expert Dr Tim, as well as face to face and online learning modules that will teach you everything you need to know.

The course delves into how to safely design and perform treatments using the most suitable techniques using the latest products and technology, as well as giving you the knowledge required to manage your business properly and legally, in terms of administration and marketing.


Meet our clinicians

Don’t believe our word for it, at SkinViva we’re proud to have a team of powerful women carrying out aesthetics treatments. In line with International Women’s Day, we asked them a few questions, find out their answers here:

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