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Why We Work with Live Models During Practical Courses


One of the many benefits of training with SkinViva is that we always use live cosmetic models for Botox and dermal filler training. Many other training companies use mannequins instead of live models, which leaves a big gap in training and can leave trainees feeling less confident to start treating in the real world and ultimately this increases the overall treatment risks, not to mention the risk of wasting your money as you may never feel ready to get started.

Here are some of the reason we always use live models:



Putting the safety of our clients first

We would never suggest you perform a procedure on a client if training had only been completed on a mannequin. Quite simply this would not provide adequate knowledge and techniques to safely perform a procedure unsupervised. Injectable procedures are complicated and have repercussions & potential complications if there is even the smallest margin of error. Using a real-life model will ensure that trainees focus closely on learning the procedure and doing everything correctly & precisely to avoid any problems. It also feels entirely different injecting a real face in comparison to a plastic head, nothing prepares you for the ‘real thing’ other than the real thing!


Prepare for real scenarios

Away from the training room, the reality is that unexpected things can happen in the clinic during any procedure, even those carried out meticulously and with care. Simple examples are clients flinching, fainting, positive aspirations, nervous reactions etc. You need to be prepared for all of these and you may meet some of them in the training room with your live model. Successfully dealing with these incidents in the training room, will give you greater confidence outside the training room.


Getting used to different anatomical features

Using a mannequin will only prepare you to inject into similar anatomical details, while in the real world, people have very different features and skin types. By practising on different live models, trainees are more knowledgeable about working with different skin types and a variety of anatomical spacing.


Practice delivering consultations


An important element of being an aesthetics clinician is being able to conduct effective consultations and practising this with a live model will prepare you for communicating with your clients in a meaningful way. As well as being able to reassure and explain the procedure to clients, you need to be able to listen to their exact requirements each client has and design the best treatment to deliver the results they are looking for.




Dealing with reactions and providing aftercare guidance

When you train using a mannequin, you won’t benefit from seeing a client’s reaction to treatment. In many cases, clients will have very happy reactions, but you also need to prepare for dealing with people who might not be as happy with the immediate results.


Using a live model will also give you the chance to practice providing essential aftercare guidance so that clients understand exactly how to ensure the best results. They may also have questions about aftercare, and you can practice answering genuine questions from live models.

There are many reasons why medical professionals choose SkinViva for their training and using live models is just one of them. Our Mastery Programme provides exceptional training, with practical courses being held with live models and supervised by a qualified clinician.

Find out more about the SkinViva Mastery Programme.

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